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Friday, June 14, 2024
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Last day Medical Exam Review Notes

1. Potassium is mainly regulated by – Aldosterone.
2. Tip of scapula at level – T7.
3. Oblique fissure of the lung at level – T3 to T6 Costochondral.
4. Decussating of medial lemniscuses – Internal Arcuate Fibers.
5. Superficial temporal artery relation with which nerve – Auriculotemporal nerve.
6. Correct about Thyroid gland – lymph drainage to deep cervical lymph nodes.
7. Anemic hypoxia occur in – Methemoglobulenemia.
8. In cerebral circulation brain arteries – Do not anastomose once entered in the brain
9. Phase 1 of transformation of drug metabolism – Oxidation.
10. Standard deviation shows – Variability of individual observation.
11. Counseling in patients is – To help themselves.
12. A young girl who is going to die and asks you “Am I going to die?” Doctor response
should be – “What your parents have told you?”
13. In whole wheat – Thiamine.
14. Cholesterol enriched diet – Egg.
15. Origin of peroxisomes – SER.
16. Organelle where protein combines with carbohydrates, packed and released – Golgi
17. Correct about DNA – Euchromatin is transcriptionally active.
18. ADPKD associated with – Renal failure (Vs) Cerebral haemorrhage (controversial) here
most probable Renal failure.
19. Cause of delay in healing – Infections.
20. PaO2 decreased, PCO2 increased, hydrogen ion increased; manifestation (looked like
kind of COPD) – Hypoventilation.
21. PCO2 31, HCO3 19, pH increased (Metabolic alkalosis scenario) – Hyperventilation
22. Person with tachycardia, and heat intolerance with low level of TSH, on giving TRH; level
of TSH and thyroid hormones increases. Diagnosis – Hyperthyroidism with thyroid problem.
23. Origin of oxytocin and ADH – Hypothalamus.
24. Difference between systemic and pulmonary circulation – Low resistance in pulmonary circulation.
25. Mean systemic filling pressure is regulated by – Venous return.
26. Systolic pressure is directly related to which one of the following – Renin.
27. ADH responds to – Osmolarity.
28. Osmoreceptors – ADH.
29. Right border of heart on X-ray also visible a part of – SVC.
30. In MI sensitive cardio marker – Troponin T.
31. Diabetic nephropathy investigation – Urine albumin.
32. Young boy with generalized edema and proteinuria – Lesion of basement membrane.
33. Lesion of parasympathetic system affects mostly – GI muscles.
34. Stress hormone of our body – ACTH.

35. S2 sound heard on – Closure of aortic and pulmonary valve.
36. A patient with history hemorrhage (trauma) receives a bag stored for 2 weeks mainly contains – RBCs.
37. Due to inspiration – Decreased negative intrapleural pressure.
38. Important buffer of blood – HCO3-.
39. Max increase in ECF due to infusion of – Hypertonic Nacl.
40. Auscultation of tricuspid valve best heard at – Right lower end of the body of sternum.


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