Diffuse Dermal Angiomatosis of the Breast

Diffuse dermal angiomatosis is rare and usually considered a variant of reactive angioendotheliomatosis. It generally involves the extremities of patients with severe vascular disease and other comorbidities. Two patients with…Continue readingDiffuse Dermal Angiomatosis of the Breast

Targeted therapy

Targeted therapy is a type of cancer treatment that works differently to chemotherapy. Chemotherapy attacks all rapidly dividing cells in the body, but targeted therapy works by “targeting” those differences that…Continue readingTargeted therapy

Cancer treatment centres in Nepal

1.   B. P. Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital (BPKMCH): BPKMCH is the first tertiary level cancer hospital in Nepal, which provides all types of cancer treatment services, such as surgical oncology,…Continue readingCancer treatment centres in Nepal

Treatment of breast cancer

Treatments are less invasive when breast cancer is detected at an early stage. Challenges for breast cancer treatment in Nepal include patient’s financial status (given the huge out-of-pocket expenditure), accessibility…Continue readingTreatment of breast cancer


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IOM PG Entrance Exam 2018 Questions answers

IOM, Institute of Medicine, teaching hospital uptake the entrance exam for the post graduate students every year. Here are the collection of the question answers of IOM 2018. Please correct if anything found wrong by yourself

  1. PAN-RAS
  2. Microglia-mesenchyme
  3. Talus-deltoid
  4. Confidentiality
  5. Conservative Breast surgery-sentinel node biops
  6. SDG MMR target-70
  7. Anemia in pregnancy-41
  8. Pregnancy gingivitis-5 mnth
  9. Child pugh classification-11
  10. Enterococcus-cephalosporin
  11. Somagyei -hypo fb hyper
  12. Ischemia marker in heart
  13. Fibular graft
  14. AV nodal delay time-0.09
  15. Laborious breathing
  16. Latrine feet
  17. Opinion/belief
  18. Adipocere formation-buried in dump soil
  19. Biliary atresis-immediately
  20. Precision-increase sample size
  21. Loop- hypokalemia
  22. Digoxin toxicity-bidirectional tachy
  23. Delusional perception schneider 1st rank symptom
  24. Acute stress disorder/PTCS- duration of symptom
  25. Pauciimmune
  26. Tuberculous ulcer-undermine margin
  27. Lipofuscin-wear and tear pigment
  28. Microbicidal activity reduced in CGD
  29. Stylopharyngeous 3rd arch
  30. Posterior intercostal forms collateral in CoA
  31. Vit C deficiency- subperiosteal hemorrage
  32. B carotene in spinach
  33. Acidosis- Hydrogen ion secretion associated with hco3 reabsortion
  34. Dehydrated pt-increased in permeability of collecting duct
  35. Pasteurella multicoda-dog bite
  36. Falling leaf-giardia motility
  37. Weber syndrome-occulomotor palsy
  38. Right upper arm weakness aphasia,gaze palsy- MCA artery involvement
  39. Cough for 4 mnth, hilar and paratracheal lymphadenopathy with normal looking lung parenchyma in Xray-Sarcoidosis
  40. Headache in night lasting <1 hr associated with lacrymation and rhinorrhoea-Cluster headache
  41. delivery of head with chin to pubis in breech presentation-?
  42. Aqueous humour is produced by ciliary body
  43. Septic shock ionotrop-noradrenaline
  44. Drug not used in TOF-isoprenaline
  45. Bladder carcinoma with stone-SCC
  46. Parkland formula-720ml crystalloid
  47. Undescended testis surgery-2 year
  48. Copies triangle- 5 year
  49. Peutz jegher tumor-check for lips and anal mucosa
  50. Rapid sequence intubation-suxamethonium
  51. Chemical mediator of inflamation-produced by endothelium
  52. Longest lifespan-memory TCell
  53. MOA of interferon Alfa-develops antiviral property in cell and inhibit viral replication
  54. Indicationof thoracotomy-1500 ml blood in initial chest drain
  55. Hyperammonemia in OTC deficienncy
  56. Lead pipe in ulcerative colitis
  57. Deep perineal pouch-sphincter urethrae
  58. Strychnine-spasticity
  59. Lowest failure contraceptive-IUCD
  60. PCOS-menstrual irregularities
  61. Acute inflammation-hepcidin
  62. Meralgia paresthetica-lateral cutaneous nerve of thigh
  63. Zika virus-GBS
  64. Commotio cordis-blunt chest trauma
  65. Best prognosis-acute epidural hematoma in head injury
  66. Ectopic HcG< 1000IU/l – expectant managemnet
  67. Action potential overshoot-increase extracellular sodium
  68. Local anesthesia MOA-block sodium chanel
  69. Side effect of pyrazinamide-hyperuricemia
  70. O.5%- prevalence of bitot spot suggestive of Vit a deficiency in community
  71. Fastest way to reduce the extracellular pottasium-insulin plus glucose
  72. Purkinje fibre present in-cerebellum
  73. Nonshockable rhythm-PEA
  74. Coffee-increase action of epinphrine
  75. Hormone sensitive lipase not activated by insulin
  76. Dopamine cause increase bp at high dose
  77. Stercocilia-in vas deferns
  78. Treatment of molar pregnancy-suction evacuation
  79. Demonstration-best technique to teach ORS preparation in slum area
  80. Type 1 error-true thesis rejected
  81. Propylthiouracil-safe in pregnancy
  82. Botulism case
  83. Class 2 hemorrhage-15-30%
  84. Exercise blood flow constant in _brain
  85. Vector of scrub typhus-mite
  86. Before Splenectomy vaccine-meningococcal
  87. Virus by transmitted by tick-relapsing fever
  88. Varicella vaccine contraindicated in pregnancy
  89. Lithium-monitoring should be done
  90. Csf rhinorrhoea- cribiform plate
  91. Wilson disease- increase 24 hr urinary copper
  92. Hay fever with dermatitis – atopic dermatitis
  93. Paracrine action
  94. Screening-sensitivity
  95. PCP pneumonia case
  96. Thoracic inlet- sympathetic chain present
  97. Psoriasis-adalimunab

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