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PGI MCQ Discussion Recall |November 2016

PGI Questions
PGI Nov. 2016 Recall MCQ Discussion 1) Posterior interosseous nerve supplies all except – flexor carpi ulnaris/ extensor digitorum/ extensor indices/ extensor communis/ 2) Structures in anterior compartment of leg – peroneus longus/ peroneus brevis/ peroneus tertius/ flexor hallucis longus/ flexor digitorum longus 3) Which flexor tendon zone is known as “No man’s land” – zone1/ zone2/ zone3/ zone4/ zone5 4) Vestibular nerve 5) Sense of smell - receptors are present throughout upper nasal tract/ sensation relays in thalamus/ 6) Cross section through medulla at the level of olives contains which all structures – nucleus ambiguous/ nucleus tractus solitaries/ vagal nucleus/ vestibular nucleus 7) Structures passing through aortic hiatus of diaphragm – aorta/ IVC/ thoracic duct/ vagus/ 8) Pri...