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Criterias and Classifications for medical exams | Study Notes

Criterias and Classifications for medical exams | Medical study notes for medical students. These are collections of the criterias and classifications of different diseases and conditions in medicine.

Criterias and Classifications for medical exams
Criterias and Classifications for medical exams

There are lots of criteria and classifications during the study of medicine. These classifications and criterias are to be known by the medical personnel and the medical students. These are especially important as Plab study notes, AIIMS study notes, PMDC study notes, USMLE study notes, NMCLE study notes, Canada study notes, HAAD study notes, and so on.

Criterias and Classifications for medical exams | study notes

These are important Criterias and Classifications for medical exams are complied and listed as far as possible. if you have more you can add more.

  • -Mcneal classification – Prostate
  • -Cohen wood classification- Lactic acidosis
  • -Scoreten Prognostic Score- Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis
  • – Modified Bell’s Staging Criteria for Necrotizing Enterocolitis
  • -Tiles classification- Hypovolemic shock
  • -Seddon and Sunderland classification-Nerve injury
  • -Ozen criteria-PAN
  • -Ikeda classification- Alopecia areata
  • -Weibels classification-Tracheobraonchial divisions
  • -Heath Edwards classification: grading of histopath changes occurring in small pulm arterioles and mascular arteries in eisenmenger syndrome
  • -Castellvi– lumboscaral transitional vertebrae(LSTV)
  • -Bigliani-Acromian morphological type classification
  • -Ruynon-Atypical mycobacteria
  • -Reese elworth classification for
  • -Breslow and clark classification
    for melanoma
  • -Gilbert-Open hernia repain
  • -Nyhus-Lap hernia repair
  • -Halls criteria : Downs syndrome
  • -Dukes criteria: Infective Endocarditis/Heart failure
  • -Duke staging : colon cancer
  • -Butchers criteria :mesothelioma
  • -Bismuth classification: tumors of hepatic ductal system
  • -Nazers Index: Wilsons disz
  • -Ghent criteria-Marfan syndrome
  • -NADA’s criteria: ASD assesment of child fo parameters
    checked in Nazer index
  • -Pagets Index : Abruptio placentae
  • -Quetlet index: BMI -wt in kg/ht in meter square
  • -Ponderial Index: ht in cm/cube root of body wt in kgs
  • -Brocas index : Ht in cms-100
  • -Corpulence index : Actual wt/desired wt
  • -GCS/Ransons criteria/APACHE score: Pancreatitis
  • -Ennekings staging : Bone tumors
  • -Mc Donald’s criteria: Multiple Sclerosis
  • -Durie salmon system of staging: Multiple myeloma
  • -Lights criteria: pleural effusion
  • -GOLD’s criteria :COPD
  • -wells criteria: pulmonary embolism
  • -Epworths criteria : Sleep apnea
  • -Framminghams criteria/Boston’s criteria: CHF
  • -OKUDA staging : HCC
  • -Child’s Turcott pug score/MELD/ PELD- Cirrhosis of liver
  • -Milans crjteria: for liver transplant in HCC
  • -FAB: Leukemias
  • -Glisson’s staging: Prostrate
  • -Bosniak classification- Renal cyst
  • -Robson’s staging : RCC
  • -Jackson’s ataging :Penile Carcinoma
  • -Chang staging: Medulloblastoma
  • -Evan’s stagng: Neuroblastoma
  • -Shimada Staging- Neuroblastoma
  • -Larren’s classification: Gastric Ca
  • -Amsel’s criteria: bacterial vaginosis
  • -Mallampati scoring: for intubation
  • -Forrest classification: Peptic ulcer bleed
  • -Rockall scoring: Adverse out come after GI bleed
  • -Glasgow Blatchford score : UGI
    bleed for medical intervention
  • -Hess & Hunt Scale: subarachnoid hemorrhage
  • -Rule of wallace/Rule of 9: Burns
  • -Rotterdam’s criteria : PCOS
  • -Stanford classification: Aortic dissection
  • -Waterlow-classification- Malnutrition in child
  • -Asbury criteria fr gullain barre syndrome
  • -Sapparos criteria fr ApLas
  • -Gilliam classification: Cutaneous manifestation of SLE
  • -Rifle criteria : renalfailure
  • -Todani classification: bile duct cysts
  • -Nealon classification : pancreatic pseudocyst
  • -D’Egidio classification:: pancreatic pseudocyst
  • -Galassi classification: arachnoid cysts
  • Few Important CLASSIFICATIONS used in ENT–
  • -Sade classification: Retraction of pars tensa
  • -Toss classification : Retraction of pars flaccida
  • -Antoni classification:Acoustic neuroma
  • -Derlacki classification: Congenital cholesteatoma
  • -Levenson criteria- Cong. Cholesteatoma
  • -Nelson classification: CSOM
  • -Austin classification-Csom myringoplasty
  • -Savic classification-Reinke Oedema
  • -Shea classification :Meniere’s disease
  • -Isshika classification:Thyroplasty
  • -Wullstein classification :Tympanoplasty
  • -Fisch classification:Glomus tumours and Angiofibromas also
  • -Ohngren/Lederman:Maxillary sinus carcinoma
  • -The Myer-Cotton staging:  Subglottic stenosis
  • -The McCaffrey system classification: laryngotracheal stenosis.
  • -Paradise criteria-Recurrent tonsillitis so criteria for Tonsilloadenoidectomy in children
  • **
    -Balthazar score-
    Ct criteria for acute pancreatitis
  • -TIGAR-O Classification- Chronic pancreatitis
  • -RIPASA score: acute appendicitis
  • -Mantrles criteria/Alvarado score: Appendicitis
  • -Tzanakis score: acute appendicitis
  • -Ohmann score:  acute appendicitis
  • -Lintula score: acute appendicitis
  • -Samuel Score: pediatrics- acute appendicitis.
  • -Fenyo-Lindberg scoring system: pregnancy- acute appendicitis
  • **
    -judet – acetabular #
  • -park n weber- ankle injury
  • -LEEFORDT’s classification : facial #
  • -Mansons classification: Radial head #
  • -Neer’s classification: supracondylar# femur
  • -Gartland’s classification: Supracondylar # Humerus
  • -Waldvogel classification system Osteomyelitis
  • -ACR-euler criteria – joint involvement in RA
  • -Mirels classification- Pathological #(Risk)
  • -Wilke classification- Tmj Dislocation
  • [[-Wiltse is spondylolisthesis]]
  • -Delben and colonna classi-#femure in children
  • **
    -Poelman and mcelin  criteria- for Cervical Pregnancy
  • -Rubins criteria- Cervical Preganancy
  • -Studifort criteria: Abdominal Pregnancy
  • -Spigelberg criteria- Ovarian Pregnency
  • **
    -Ann Arbours classifiacation-Hodgkin’s lymphoma
  • –Rye classification: Hodgkins lymphoma
  • –Hasenclever scoring fr prognosis in hodgkin lymphomas
  • – REAL classification for non- Hodgkin’s lymphoma
  • -RAI & BINET staging-CLL
Hope you like these medicine study notes, surgery study notes, mbbs study notes, PG study notes . Get Read and ready for your exams.  Criterias and Classifications for medical exams !!!!

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