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DM/MCh Entrance 2072 (2015) Online Submission

Please read the instructions below about “Bank Voucher” carefully before filling up the Online Form:

For Nepali Candidates:

1Do not leave your voucher number unattended. Make sure your voucher number is used for your own form, and do not trust others to do it for you. If your form has been used for another person, then there is no way to find who it has been used for and so you will have to get a new voucher and fill a new form.
2Applicant must upload maximum 150 KB or minimum 80 KB sized scanned or digital bank deposit voucher of NRs. 2,200 (Two Thousand and two hundred only) collected at any branch of Himalayan Bank Limited, Current account number 002-0055557-0057. The name of the candidate must be clearly mentioned in ‘Deposited by’ section of the Deposit slip. Candidate must fill the HBL branch name, transaction (voucher) no. (five digit or last five digit e.g., TT1514234345) and voucher date in the online application form.
3Date of payment of voucher (evening counter / holiday– Date of payment will be next day or working day after holiday).
4Branch of payment of voucher (only payment done in Maharajgunj should write Maharajgunj, rest should write the respective branch name like, Samakhusi, Battisputali, etc.)
5After entering your voucher number if “Invalid Voucher No” is shown in the form first check your branch name, date of voucher, name, then check the confirmation list to find your voucher no.
6Please check that the voucher number given by the bank is legible and fill in only the last 5 digits of the Voucher Number. For example, if your voucher number has more than 5 digits, TT 1523023495, please enter only 23495. However, if your voucher number has only 5 digits, then fill in all these 5 digits.
7In case of any queries regarding voucher, please write an e-mail to

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