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IOM MDMS Entrance Exam Question of 2070

INSTITUTE OF MEDICINE IOM MDMS Entrance Exam Question of 2070
MD/MS 20149(2070/71)

IOM MDMS Entrance Exam Question of 2070
IOM MDMS Entrance Exam Question of 2070

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1. Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis is associated with poor prognosis if
A) Fever > 3 months
B) Inflammatory mediators > 3 months
C) Rheumatoid factor absent
D) Oligoarticular

2. Hemoglobinopathies associated with pregnancy
A) Thalassemia
B) Sickle cell anemia
C) Hb C
D) Hb H

3. Not included in rotator cuff
A) Supraspinatus
B) Infraspinatus
C) Teres Major
D) Teres Minor

4. Conversion of pyruvate to acetyl co A is associated with how much ATP production
A) 0
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4
5. While massaging oil to a neonate an abdominal mass was felt, most likely the cause is
A) Neuroblastoma
B) Multicystic dysplastic kidney
C) Wilm’s tumor
D) Polycystic disease of kidney

6. Loss of tear secretion due to lesion at
A) Ciliary ganglion
B) Sphenopalatine ganglion
C) Submandibular ganglion
D) Fljsl

7. Little’s area of nose, major contributing artery
A) Sphenopalatine artery
B) Anterior ethmoidal artery
C) Posterior ethmoidal artery

8. A child with large VSD manifest in
A) 2 days
B) 2 weeks
C) 2 months
D) 6 months

9. Profunda femoris artery related to
A) Inguinal ligament
B) Apex of femoral canal
C) Between pectineus & adductor canal
D) Between pectineus & psoas major

10. Afferent nerve of proprioception –
A) Aα
B) Aβ
C) Aγ
D) Aδ

11. Vibration is sensed by
A) Pacinian corpuscles
B) Merkel disc

12. Distortion of message means
A) Twisting of message
B) Loss of clarity

13. Ligament of Cooper is modification of
A) Fibrous tissue of breast
B) Pectoral fascia
14. Purkinje cell of cerebellum synapse with
A) Granule cell
B) Dentate nucleus
C) Red nucleus
15. Ankle jerk root value
A) L3L4
B) L4L5
C) S1S2
D) L2L3

16. Isograft is
A) Between monozygotic twins
B) With different species

17. Umbilical cord has
A) 2 arteries + 1 vein
B) 1 artery + 2 veins
C) 1 artery + 1 vein
D) 2 arteries + 2 veins

18. Virchow node is
A) Right supraclavicular lymph node
B) Left supraclavicular lymph node
C) Infraclavicular lymph node

19. Hyoid bone is derived of which brachial arch
A) 2nd
B) 2nd & 3rd
C) 3rd
D) 4th

20. Haemophilus influenza biotype aegyptus is also known as
A) Koch’s bacillus
B) Koch-weeks bacillus
C) Loffler’s bacillus
D) Hansen’s bacillus

21. Most infective stage of syphilis
A) Primary stage
B) Secondary stage
C) Tertiary stage
D) Congenital syphilis

22. True regarding syphilis
A) Neurosyphilis seen in tertiary stage
B) Spirochete is gram positive
23. Increased Ig A in
A) Autoimmune hepatitis
B) Alcoholic hepatitis
C) Biliary cirrhosis
D) Gilbert hyperbilirubinemia

24. Maximum organism can be grown on
A) Blood agar
B) Chocolate agar
C) Muller Hilton agar
D) Nutrient broth

25. Mesophilic organism best grown at pH
A) 6.5
B) 7.3
C) 7.5
D) 8.5

26. Typhus is caused by
A) Ricketssia

27. Hemoptysis is associated with

A) P. westermani

B) A. nector
C) Fasciola hepatica
D) Fasciola buski

28. Otomycosis is caused by
A) Aspergillus niger & Candida albicans
B) Aspergillus niger & Histoplasma

29. Moniliasis is caused by
A) Candida albicans

30. Most common etiology of inverted papilloma
A) Smoking
B) Alcohol

31. TRUE about CMV
A) CMV retinitis is most commonly seen in HIV patient
B) Is RNA virus

32. Infection through intact cornea seen in
A) Nesseria gonorrhoe

33. Best response regarding suchinylcholine
A) Caused toxicity in muscular dystrophy due to heperkalemia in Duchene muscular
B) Can be safely used in liver disease

34. Creative ideation is
A) Brain storming

35. Tract of goll & tract of Burdach ascends to form
A) Medial lemniscus
B) Lateral lemniscus

36. “Learned helplessness” typically seen in
A) Depression
B) Obsessive compulsive disorder
C) Schizophrenia
D) Mania

37. HSG done on
A) 5
th day of menstruation
B) 10th day of menstruation

38. Least affected by extreme values
A) Mean deviation
B) Standard deviation
C) Range
D) Quartile deviation

39. A skull found in which basi-occiput & basi-sphenoid not fused. Most likely the age is

A) 10-12 yrs
B) 12-14 yrs

40. Passing through inguinal canal & inserting in labia majora
A) Round ligament

41. 55 yr old male cancer in lower third of rectum. Management
B) Left hemicolectomy
C) Right hemicolectomy

42. Quartile deviation is
A) 2/3
B) 4/5
C) 3/2

43. Gaussian curve
A) Mean=median=mode

44. Fall from height 65 yr f, presents with short limb, external rotation. Most likely
A) # NOF
45. Painful & sudden loss of vision within seconds
46. Finger drop but can extend wrist, nerve injured
A) Radial nerve
B) Posterior interosseus nerve
C) Median nerve
D) Ulnar nerve
47. Compared to other NSAIDs with selective COX2 inhibitors there is increased risk of
A) Hepatotoxicity
B) Nephrotoxicity
C) Thromboembolism
48. Ebstein’s anomaly is
A) Downward displacement of tricuspid valve into right ventricle
49. Variance if all observations are same
A) 0
B) 1
C) Infinity
50. Pathognomic of psoriasis in nail
A) Pitting
B) Oil drop sign
C) Onycholysis
D) Subungal hyperkeratosis
51. Hemorrhagic cystitis is caused by
A) Cyclophosphamide

52. Painless hematuria. Most likely
A) Ca bladder
B) Renal stone
53. Less blood in menstruation
A) Tubercular endometritis
B) Fibroid uterus
54. Treatment of H. mole
A) Dilation & curettage
B) Suction evacuation
55. Treatment of Lupus nephritis
A) Prednisolone + cyclophosphamide
B) Prednisolone+cyclophosphamide
C) Steroid+ azathioprine
D) Steroid+ mycophenolate
56. HbsAg negative. Treatment started ifA) HBV DNA >2000
B) HBV DNA>1000
C) HBV DNA<2000
57. Cell wall synthesis inhibitor
A) Vancomycin
58. Thype III hypersensitivity reaction by
A) Imminune complex mediated
59. Female with tongue abraded, koilonychias, esophageal web, most likely
60. 2
nd molar tooth erupts in
A) 10-12 yr
B) 12-14 yr
61. Extrapyramidal symptoms is side effect of which drug
A) Metoclopramide
B) Domperidone
C) Cisapride
D) Mosapride
62. Hypoxia leads to
A) Pulmonary vasoconstriction
63. Not used in Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy
A) Carbamazepine
B) Valproate
C) Topiramate
D) Zano
64. Metabolic product from tumor cells
B) CA 125
65. All true in RAS except
A) Decreased blood flow in Doppler
B) Hyperkalemia
C) Systodiastolic bruit heard in abdomen
D) Usg
66. Not classic non Hodgkin’s lymphoma
A) Lymphocyte predominance
B) Lymphocyte rich
C) Mixed cellularity
D) Nodular sclerosis
67. Sodium bicarbonate is used in metabolic acidosis. True statement
A) Increased in blood pH is associated with increase in CSF pH
68. Sewage treatment biologically is
A) Primary sewage treatment
B) Secondary sewage treatment
69. Visually appreciable cellular change
A) Atypia
B) Aplasia
C) Hyperplasia
D) Metaplasia
70. Ann Arbor classification is for
A) Lymphoma
71. Not major criteria of Multiple Myeloma
A) Lytic bone lesion
72. 70 yr male, bullous lesion, burst , most likely
A) Pemphigus vulgaris
B) Bullous pemphigoid
73. Radiolucent stone
A) Uric acid stone
74. Tympanic plexus is present on
A) Promontory
B) Pyramid
75. Superficial perineal fascia
A) Colle’s facia
B) Scarpa’s fascia
C) Camper’s fascia
D) Gallaudet fascia
76. Principle of vaginal ring
A) Located in posterior fornix support uterosacral ligament
77. Gene related to fibrous dysplasia
78. True about fibrocystic disease of breast
A) It is the most common benign disease of breast
B) Is also known as fibroadenoma
79. Decreased milk production in cattle is seen due to deficiency of
A) Iron
B) Iodine
C) Chlorine
D) Zinc

80. A female with angular stomatitis, dermatitis, & recurrent bacterial infections, most likely
suffering from deficiency of
A) Zinc
B) Iron
C) Chromium
D) manganese
81. Most common thyroid cancer is
A) Papillary carcinoma
B) Follicular carcinoma
82. Medullary cancer of thyroid originated from
A) Parafollicular cell

83. Liver zone around artery
A) Zone 1
B) Zone 2
C) Zone 3
D) Zone 4

84. Roth’s spot seen in
85. In Barett’s oesophagus, squamous epithelial lining of esophagus changes to
A) Columnar epithelium
86. Operation for congenital hypertrophic pyloric stenosis is
A) Ramstedt’s operation
87. Pt with hyphochloremia, hypokalemia, acidosis. Most likely cause is
A) Gastric outlet obstruction
88. Most common site of perforation
A) Duodenum 1st part
B) Duodenum 2nd part
C) Pyloric antrum
89. Hypoadrenal shock treatment
A) Hydrocortisone
B) Dexamethasone
C) Fludrocortisone
D) prednisolone
90. Zn-containing β-lactamase is
B) Oxacillinase
91. Metallo-β-lacatamase responsible for resistance in
A) Carbapenem
B) Acylureidopenicillin
C) Quinolone
D) Fjsdljf
92. Green house effect not by
A) Co2
C) Methane
93. True about sympathetic nervous system
A) Essential for life
B) Causes relaxation of smooth muscle
C) Increases peristalsis
D) Causes dilation of pupil
94. Atropine is contraindicated in
A) Glaucoma
95. Hormonal regulation among insulin, glucagon & somatostatin is by
A) Paracrine
B) Autocrine
C) Endocrine
96. Tracheal secretions is decreased by
A) Salbutamol
B) Ipratropium bromide
C) Mast cell stabilizer
97. Steeple sign on x-ray is seen in
A) Acute epiglottitis
B) Acute laryngotracheobronchitis
98. Features of Down’s syndrome given, most likely to develop by 20 yrs of age
A) Myocardial infarction
B) Acute leukemia
99. Plasma osmolarity is primarily maintained by
A) Aldosterone
B) Vasopressin
100. DVT in postpartum female seen after how many days

A) 2
B) 4
C) 5
D) 7-8
101. Contraindication of combined oral contraceptives is
A) Nulliparity
B) Multiparity
C) Migraine
102. Halothane causes jaundice after
A) Immediately
B) 7 days
C) 14 days
D) 28 days
103. 10 hrs of fasting, blood glucose is maintained by
A) Liver glycogenolysis
B) Muscle glycogenolysis
C) Gluconeogenesis
104. Knee dislocation most commonly affected structure
A) Popliteal artery
B) Common peroneal nerve
105. Scaphoid # true statement
A) Diagnostic x-ray must be done
B) Cast should be applied for 3 wks
106. Avascular necrosis is not seen inA) # NOF
B) # scaphoid
C) #talus
D) Trochanteric #
107. All are obstructive lung diseases exceptA) Asthma
C) Cystic fibrosis
D) Interstial lung disease
108. Pulsus paradoxus is seen in
A) Constrictive pericarditis
109. All true in sarcoidosis exceptA) Hypercalcemia
B) Erythema nodosum in 20%-30%
C) Crescentic glomerulonephritis
D) Non-caseating granuloma
110. Digoxin toxicity is aggravated by

A) Hypokalemia
B) Hyperkalemia
C) Hypocalcemia
D) Hypomagnesaemia
111. Smooth muscle contraction mediated by
A) Calcium-calmodulin pathway
B) Camp
D) calcium binds to troponin c
112. increase of following causes hyperthyroidism except
A) t3
B) t4
D) Thyroglobulin
113. Hypertension bp 210/90, glucose 11 mmol, potassium 2, most likely cause
A) Cushing’s syndrome
114. Hyperkalemia both in intracellular fluid & intracellular fluid. Cause
A) Adrenal insufficiency
115. Diabetic nephropathy . true all except
A) Angiotensin receptor blocker like losartan is used for treatment
B) Congo red postitve
C) microalbuminuria
D) decreased kidney size
116. Delay in growth. Bone age is less than chronological age. Most likely
A) Constitutional dwarfism
117. Most common cause of low birth weight in Nepal
118. Most common complication leading to death in HIVA) Pulmonary TB
B) Pneumocystis carini infection
C) Cryptococcal meningitis

119. Pulmonary embolism true statement is

A) Acute right ventricular dilation
120. Lymph is
A) Interstitial fluid

121. Most common cause of renal stone in children
A) Recurrent uti
B) Metabolic disorder

122. Left gastric artery arises from
A) Coeliac trunk

123. Renal failure patient on dialysis
A) Primary hyperparathyroidism
B) Secondary hyperparathyroidism
C) Tertiary hyperparathyroidism

124. Small cell carcinoma of lung. True statement
A) Associated with ectopic hormones production
B) Not associated with smoking
C) Is not central

125. Parietal cell produces
A) HCL + intrinsic factor
126. Skill development by
A) Demonstration
B) Role play

127. Behavior change
A) Internalization
B) Identification
C) Enforcement

128. Best method of learning
A) Group discussion

129. Highest ph
A) Gastric acid
B) Pancreatic juice
C) Bile acid

130. Swelling that moves with deglutination & tongue protrusion
A) Thyroglossal cyst
131. Not a complication of dialysis
A) Peritonitis
B) Thrombocytopenia
C) Lecopenia
D) Uremic lung
132. Mallory weis tear occurs at which site
A) Gastroesophageal junction

133. Whipple operation is done for
A) Periampullary carcinoma
B) Oesophageal carcinoma

134. Polyhydramnios is seen in
A) Placental insufficiency
B) Dudodenal atresia
C) Renal agenesis

135. Hernia repair in child
A) Herniotomy

136. Extracellular enzyme
A) Lipoprotein lipase

137. Ulcer crater on barium study seen in
A) Ca stomach
B) Duodenal ulcer

C) Diverticulum
138. Facial nerve is involved in which tumour
A) Parotid gland
B) Thyroid gland

139. First to appear in peripheral blood
A) Myeloblast
B) Myelocyte
C) Promyelocyte
D) Band cell

140. Selective estrogen modulator
A) Raloxifene
141. Denominator of maternal mortality rate is
A) Live birth

142. Wearout of teeth by external material by
A) Attrition
B) Abrasion

143. Op poisoning antidote is
A) Aspirin
B) Pralidoxime

144. Disorientation is seen in
A) Anxiety
B) Organic psychosis

145. Schizophrenia is characterized by
A) Delusion

146. Most common primary malignant CNS tumor is
A) Glioma
B) Meningioma
C) Cranipharyngioma

147. ADH acts on which part
A) Collecting duct

148. First change in iron therapy
A) Reticulocytosis
B) Increased ferritin
C) Increased hemoglobin

149. Nerve supply of cremastric muscle
A) Genital branch of genitofemoral nerve
B) Femoral branch of genitofemoral nerve
C) Ilioinguinal nerve

150. Dissociative anaesthesia
A) Ketamine
151. IUGR is diagnosed by
A) Serial monitoring of BPD, HC

B) Doppler usg
152. Lagankhel ko buspark ma dead person
A) Police inquest
B) Magistrate inquest

153. Fr of foley’s catheter signifies
A) Total length
B) External circumference
C) Internal circumference
D) Internal diameter

154. Type 2 error is
A) αerror
B) βerror

155. hypertension + bradycardia seen in
A) intracranial hypertension @cushing’s triad
156. related to glucose metabolism
A) α1
B) α2
C) β1
D) β2

157. bronchiolitis in infant is due to
A) respiratory syncytial virus

158. infection by same organism after elimination of the organism is
A) Re-infection
B) Relapse

159. Herniation of part of brain through foramen magnum. Most likely
A) IIIrd nerve palsy
B) Respiratory arrest

160. Cannot be measured by spirometry
A) Inspiratory reserve volume
B) Vital capacity
C) Tidal volume
D) Total lung capacity

161. Inferior epigastric artery is involved in-
A) Epigastric hernia
B) Lumbar hernia
C) Meningomyelocele
D) Umbilical hernia

162. Features of Increased ICT in child
A) Papilloedema
B) Crackpot sign in < 4 yr

163. Which can cause testicular tumor
A) Cryptorchidism
B) Trauma

164. Valsalva maneuver true statement
A) Decrease in blood pressure
B) Increase in heart rate
C) Right side decreased systolic pressure
D) Left side increased systolic pressure

165. Crowning means
A) In the inlet
B) In the perineum
C) In the perineum without recession
D) At the level of ischial spine

166. Lateral view of chest x-ray done to see
A) Interlobar fissure
B) Mediastinum
C) Trachea

167. Dermoid cyst is mostly associated with
A) Infection
B) Hemorrhage
C) Twisting around pedicle

168. Peripheral conversion of t4 to t3 is inhibited by
A) Propylthiouracil
B) Carbemazole
C) Methimazole
D) Lugol’s iodine

169. Neural tube formation induced by
A) Notochord

170. Blood pressure regulated by
A) Arterioles
171. Not involved in stretch reflex
A) αmotor neuron
B) γmotor neuron
C) pyramidal neuron

172. most common medical disorder in pregnancy
A) gestational diabetes mellitus
B) heart dz in preg

173. Lichen planus is characterized histologically by
A) Hyperkeratosis
B) Keratin pearl
C) microabscess

174. Urea disproportionately higher than creatinine in
A) Gi bleed
B) Crush injury
C) Hepatorenal syndrome

175. Vertical transmission of HIV is maximum in
A) Intrapartum
B) Peripartum
C) Breast feeding

176. False positive is
A) Undiseased patient detected as positive due to weak test

177. Mitochondrial disorder
A) Laber hereditary optic neuropathy
B) Freidrich ataxia

178. Not seen in father to son
A) X-linked disease
B) Autosomal dominant
C) Autosomal recessive

179. Passive immunity
A) Immunoglobulin

180. Coin toss 3 times which variable?
A) Discrete variable
181. Normal level of HbA1c is
A) 0-3%
B) 3-6%
C) 6-9%

182. Carpel tunnel syndrome is due to compression of
A) Median nerve

NEET MDS 20210 Exam Pattern

183. Pica is
A) Non-edible non-food items
184. Not degraded by αamylase
A) Cellulose
B) Dextrin
C) Starch

185. Best modality of filarial control
A) Mosquito control
186. Ovulation coincides with
A) LH surge
B) Estrogen surge
C) Progesterone surge

187. Total intake of iron during pregnancy
A) 10 mg
B) 100 mg
C) 1000mg
D) 1500mg

188. One question regarding epidemiological study. Most likely it is case control study.

189. Diarrhea , dermatitis & dementia seen in
A) Zinc deficiency

190. Not seen in intestinal obstruction
A) Pain
B) Distension
C) Vomiting
D) Fever

191. Wavelength of uv rays used for sterilization
A) 250-260
B) 290-300
192. Newborn at birth has which eye defect
A) Hypermetropia
B) Myopia

193. Odds ratio >1 when
A) Exposure & outcome are positively associated
B) Exposure & outcome are negatively associated
C) Exposure & outcome are not associated
D) Exposure is protective factor for specific outcome

194. Disulfiram reaction is due to inhibition ofA) Alcohol dehydrogenase
B) Aldehyde dehydrogenase
195. Treatment of morphine dependentA) Methadone
B) Naloxone
C) Naltrexone

196. Fatty acid release from adipose tissue by all exceptA) Growth hormone
B) Epinephrine
C) T3
D) Insulin


Get all answer here IOM MDMS Entrance Exam Question of 2070 


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