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Categories Duration and Coverage of Government scholarship in china

The Categories Duration and Coverage of Government scholarship in china listed as follows with details
Supporting Categories
Chinese Government Scholarship supports international students, teachers and scholars to pursue degrees at all levels (bachelor’s, master’s and PhD) or non-degree studies and to conduct research in China.
Chinese Government Scholarship covers both major study and Chinese language/ preparatory study. The table below illustrates the duration of each category.

Supporting CategoriesMajor Study(academic year)Chinese Language /Preparatory Study(academic year)Duration ofScholarship
(academic year)
Undergraduate students4-5up to 24-7
Master’s students2-3up to 22-5
Doctoral students3-4up to 23-6
General scholarsup to 1up to 1up to 2
Senior scholarsup to 1up to 1up to 2

Instruction Language

  1. Instruction language for undergraduate students

Undergraduate scholarship winners must register for Chinese-taught credit courses. They are required to take one-year Chinese language/preparatory courses in one of the nine universities listed below and to pass the required test before moving on to their major studies.
Entrusted by MOE, the following 9 universities offer Chinese language/preparatory courses to undergraduate scholarship winners. They are Tianjin University, Nanjing Normal University,Shandong University, Central China Normal University, Tongji University, Beijing Language and Culture University, Northeast Normal University, Beijing International Studies University, andCapital Normal University.
Undergraduate scholarship winners can apply for preparatory course exemption if they

  • complete their secondary education in Chinese.


  • have valid HSK certificate that meets the requirements of the host university.

Official documents from secondary schools or a photocopy of valid HSK certificate must be submitted for preparatory course exemption application. Please NOTE that HSK results are valid for 2 years only.

  1. Instruction language for graduate students and non-degree students.

Graduate and non-degree scholarship students can register for either Chinese-taught program or English-taught program if applicable.
Program Search can help you find your interested program and university.

  • Scholarship recipients of Chinese-taught programs without adequate Chinese proficiency must take Chinese language courses for one to two years to reach the language requirements of their host universities before moving on to their major studies. Failure to reach the required language proficiency will lead to the automatic termination of scholarship. Chinese language courses will be one year for majors in Science, Engineering, Agriculture, West Medicine, Economics, Management, Law and Fine Arts, and be no more than two years for majors in Liberal Arts, History, Philosophy and Chinese Medicine.
  • Scholarship recipients of English-taught programs or those with adequate Chinese language proficiency do not need to take Chinese language courses.

Courses Available
279 Chinese universities are designated by MOE to enroll international students with Chinese Government Scholarship, and they offer a wide variety of programs. Introduction to the universities and the programs they offer can be found in A List of Chinese Institutions Admitting International Students under Chinese Government Scholarship Scheme.
Scholarship Standard(RMB/year)

Supporting CategoriesField of StudyTuitionAccommodationStipendMedical InsuranceTotal
Undergraduate studentsI*2000084003000080059200
Master’s students/ General scholarsI2500084003600080070200
Doctoral students/ Senior scholarsI33000120004200080087800

Field of Study I includes Economics, Management, Law, Education, Liberal Arts, History, and Philosophy; II includes Science, Engineering, and Agriculture; III includes Fine Arts and Medicine.
Full Scholarship covers

  • Tuition waiver;
  • Accommodation: free university dormitory or accommodation subsidy;

If the host university requires students to live on campus, the university will accommodate scholarship students in university dormitory (usually twin room); if the host university permits students to live off campus, the university will provide monthly/quarterly accommodation subsidy:
undergraduate students/master’s students/general scholars: CNY 700 per month;
doctoral students/senior scholars: CNY 1000 per month.

  • Stipend:

undergraduate students: CNY 2,500 per month;
master’s students / general scholars: CNY 3,000 per month;
doctoral students / senior scholars: CNY 3,500 per month.
Within the scholarship duration, registered scholarship students will receive stipend from their host university month by month.
Students registering before the 15th of the month (the 15th included) will receive full stipend of that month. Those who register after the 15th of the month will receive half stipend of that month.
If registered student stays out of China for more than 15 days (school holidays excluded), his stipend will be stopped during his leaving.

  • Medical insurance

Please refer to Comprehensive Insurance & Protection Scheme for Foreigners Staying in China for insurance policy.
Partial Scholarship covers

  • One or some items of the full scholarship.



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