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How To Write Study Plan for Getting Scholarship For China

How To Write Study Plan for Getting Scholarship For China should be known if If You want to study for the Masters level or PhD level or Undergraduate level in China  . you need to know For applying scholarship in china you may need to write the Study Plan. Study Plan is one of the major part for application of the scholarship. This study plan can make you get the scholarship on the subject you are applying  for in the china. .

 Study Plan for Getting Scholarship
Study Plan for Getting Scholarship

To create a Good Study Plan ,  following points must be included in your plan

  1. Your full name and past academic credentials
  2. Your most recent education
  3. Your educational achievements
  4. What beliefs you have of Chinese culture
  5. Why you want to study in China
  6. Expected learning objectives/goals
  7. How you plan to study in China
  8. Your strengths & Conclusion

Here is the format Study Plan for Getting Scholarship For China which you can change according to your need.

My name is X, an ex-student of A. I have been working as an Engineer/ at the Department of
Radio Frequency Optimization (RF) in Incotel Technology, Cape Coast, Ghana for more than
three years. I was born in the city of B as the first son of my parents. In 2010, I entered
University A, and majored in Telecommunication. The four years long (Bachelor of Science
in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering) program and two years (Masters of
Science in Computer Science Engineering) program created solid foundation in Technology for
me. I have completed my in Computer Science Engineering from Y. Now I want to develop
my knowledge in the field of management.
China is an increasingly popular destination for students from around the world, with the number
of international students in China doubling in the past 10 years. China is already the fourth most
popular destination for travel generally and has the third-largest population of international
students, behind the US and the UK. This number has been growing by an average of 10 percent
a year for the past 10 years, a far quicker growth rate than any other popular study-abroad
destination. Chinese universities are increasingly well respected; the number included in major
global university rankings has risen significantly over the past five years, particularly compared
with the UK, which has fallen in many rankings. In 2011, there were only six Chinese universities
in Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings, whereas in 2015-2016 there were 37,
more than either Canada or Australia. Financial support is an important factor in the decision to
study abroad and the Chinese government is offering a wide range of funding opportunities to
attract international students, including more than 40,000 scholarships at 277 institutions. In 2015,
40 percent of all international students new to China received government sponsorship. The
number of scholarships available has increased fivefold since 2006. Knowledge and experience of
China is an increasingly valuable asset in many industries. Experience of China and Chinese,
which is the third most popular language to learn in the world, could give me a great career boost.
Gansu Agricultural University is one of the best universities of China even the world. I want to
study in MBA to get full insight of theoretical perspective of all area of business which is possible
in this university. On the other hand, some of my university seniors as well as my colleagues who
are studying in several universities of China make some positive comments on the environment
and teaching style of Gansu, which influence me to choose the university to do my Masters there.
I will pursue my Masters degree in management or related fields in Gansu University

After completion of Masters, I will come back to my home country. There are many good
universities in Ghana, so that it might be easy for me to find a good position there. In recent years,
Ghana Government has paid more and more attention to higher education and market research, so
the condition for research and teaching is becoming better and better. I believe my China education

background and connection in Ghana would make me competent to find a job as a professor in a
university or institution in Ghana. I hope one day I could set up my own educational and research

Signature: Date: 13.12.2018
Md. XStudy Plan for Getting Scholarship For China

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