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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Range of Motion of Joints

Normal Range of Motion for Each Joint is  important to know the during the  physical examination. The ranges are listed as follows
Normal Values (in degrees):
Hip flexion (bending) 0-125
Hip extension (straightening) 115-0
Hip hyperextension (straightening beyond normal range) 0-15
Hip abduction (move away from central axis of body) 0-45
Hip adduction (move towards central axis of body) 45-0
Hip lateral rotation (rotation away from center of body) 0-45
Hip medial rotation (rotation towards center of body) 0-45
Knee flexion 0-130
Knee extension 120-0
Ankle plantar flexion (movement downward) 0-50
Ankle dorsiflexion (movement upward) 0-20
Foot inversion (turned inward) 0-35
Foot eversion (turned outward) 0-25
Metatarsophalangeal joints flexion 0-30
Metatarsophalangeal joints extension 0-80
Interphalangeal joints of toe flexion 0-50
Interphalangeal joints of toe extension 50-0
Shoulder flexion 0-90
Shoulder extension 0-50
Shoulder abduction 0-90
Shoulder adduction 90-0
Shoulder lateral rotation 0-90
Shoulder medial rotation 0-90
Elbow flexion 0-160
Elbow extension 145-0
Elbow pronation (rotation inward) 0-90
Elbow supination (rotation outward) 0-90
Wrist flexion 0-90
Wrist extension 0-70
Wrist abduction 0-25
Wrist adduction 0-65
Metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joints abduction 0-25
MCP adduction 20-0
MCP flexion 0-90
MCP extension 0-30
Interphalangeal proximal (PIP) joints of fingers flexion 0-120
PIP extension 120-0
Interphalangeal distal (DIP) joint of fingers flexion 0-80
DIP extension 80-0
Metacarpophalangeal joint of thumb abduction 0-50
MCP of thumb adduction 40-0
MCP of thumb flexion 0-70
MCP of thumb extension 60-0
Interphalangeal joint of thumb flexion 0-90
Interphalangeal joint of thumb extension 90-0


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