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General Pharmacology Abbreviations

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General Pharmacology Abbreviations Abbreviation Derivation Meaning alt. dieb. alternis diebus on alternate days aq. aqua water bin bis in noctis two times a night bis i. d. bis in diem twice a day c. circa about, approximately ca. circa about, approximately comp compositus compound cont. rem. continuantur remedia let the remedies be continued d. da give, administer de d. in d. de die in diem daily dieb. alt. diebus alternis on alternate days dil. dilue, dilutus dilute, dilutus in p. aeq. dividiatur in partes aequales divide into equal parts Dur. dolor. durante dolore while the pain lasts FDA Food & Drug Administration grad. gradatim gradually gt gutta drops h hora hour hor. som. hora somni at bedtime h.s. hora somni at bedtime in d. in dies...