How to apply PMDC Exam?

To apply for the PMDC eaxamination follow the following steps
Go directly to PMDC Islamabad or to any of its provincial centres and get the application form.
Following documents (Copies thoroughly attested from any Medical college) are enclosed with the application form.

  • National ID Card
  • Eligibility Certificate
  • 4 Photographs (one attested on the front side)
  • Bank Draft worthing Rs. 10,000/- in favour of ‘National Examination Board’ as examination fee.

Application forms can be submitted to the PMDC islamabad or the provincial centers.
U will be posted ur Admit Card/Roll No. Slip on ur postal address 4-5 days in advance of ur theory examination.
Sitting for the Theory Examination
The theory examination comprises of two papers. The first paper (Paper I) is Subjective type in which a total of 25 Scenario based Questions are asked and each question has 3 subqueries related to it and u will have 10 lines on the response sheet for answering each question (including its subqueries). U will have 3 hours to answers these 25 questions. There usually is a case history suggestive of a particular disease in the stem question and in the subqueries its diagnosis, investigations and the management options / treatment of choice are asked. The majority of questions are from Medicine, Obs /Gyne and Surgery.
The second paper (Paper II) is Objective type in which a total of 125 MCQs (of single best answer type) are asked and 3 hours are given to solve this paper. Questions are from Medicine, Surgery, Obs /Gyne, Psychiatry , ENT and Ophthalmology . Other subjects are also covered but number of questions are scarse.

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