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How to take incisional Biopsy correctly ?

To know “How to take an incisional Biopsy correctly?” is essential for the medical doctors. The skills and different techniques fo the biopsy hast to be known well by the medical persons. surgery study notes, medical study notes, surgery incision are to be known.

How to take incisional Biopsy correctly
How to take incisional Biopsy correctly

What is a Biopsy test?

A biopsy test is simply taking the pice of the tissue. The tissue can be bone, muscle, or skin tissue. The Purpose of the biopsy is to confirm a suspected diagnosis. taking a biopsy needs the skills and training. you can do different types of biopsies according to the lesion you find in the patient.

Whenever you take the biopsy, some prerequisites are needed. the following listed things should be considered.

  • CBC, platelets, coagulation studies
  • cross-sectional imaging to evaluate local anatomy
  • treatment center performing biopsy must be capable of proper diagnosis and treatment

To know How to take an incisional Biopsy correctly,  types of biopsy should be known. Different types of biopsy are there. The types of biopsy are

  • FNA
  • Core Biopsy
  • Incisional Biopsy
  • Excisional Biopsy

Types of biopsy Taken

Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA)

    • provides cytologic (cellular) specimen
    • frequently used for carcinoma
    • not typically used for sarcoma

Core biopsy (Tru-cut)

    • allow for tumor structural examination
      • can evaluate both the cytologic and stromal elements of the tumor
    • frequently used for sarcoma

Incisional biopsy

    • small surgical incision carefully placed to access tumor without contamination of critical structures

Excisional biopsy

    • select indications: small, superficial soft tissue masses

These are types of biopsy. Among them, we should know about the incisional biopsy. This incisional biopsy is not a therapeutic purpose. This incisional biopsy is for the diagnostic one. A small cut incision or cut is made over the lesion and sent for the HPE( Histopathology Examination ) to the Lab.

Indications For Biopsy :

In order to do the biopsy from muscle, skin, or bone, the following indications are needed. While doing the biopsy procedure you have to keep the following in your mind.

  • if there is aggressive bone or soft tissue lesions
  • When the soft tissue lesions larger than 5cm, deep to fascia, or overlying bone/neurovascular structures
  • If there is unclear in the  diagnosis in an asymptomatic patient
  • when solitary bone lesions in a patient with a history of carcinoma

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Principle of Incisional Biopsy

The fundamental and basic principle of incisional biopsy should be followed strictly whenever taking the biopsy. Medical persons especially doctors are responsible for taking the biopsy and they need to know about how to perform a correct biopsy either in the incisional biopsy of breast or bone or other tissues like a biopsy of the endometrium.

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The principle of incisional biopsy are as follows :

  • use a longitudinal incision in the extremities whenever possible.
  • whenever we do a biopsy, do not expose neurovascular structures, all tissue exposed during the biopsy is considered contaminated with a tumor, maintain hemostasis, post-operative hematomas are considered contaminated with a tumor, release tourniquet prior to wound closure
  • While doing the Biopsy  procedure
    •  do perform through the involved compartment of the tumor
    • for bony  lesions with a soft tissue mass, it is ok to perform the biopsy using the soft tissue mass
  • After the biopsy was taken you need to do the wound closure in case of incisional biopsy. 
  • When  using a drain, bring drain out of the skin in line with surgical incision
  • allows the drain site to be removed with a definitive surgical extensile incision

So, in this way you can do the incisional biopsy incorrect and right way. Hope now you are able to do the incisional biopsy. we will be discussing another post in different types of biopsy to be taken.


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