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10 Facts about Intercourse during Periods you should know

10 Facts about Intercourse during Periods could be one of the important for those who are in physical or sexual relations. There are some facts you should know about the intercourse during the periods. Lots of dilemmas are there regarding the keeping relation during the period of time. so here are some 10 Facts For Intercourse during Periods which might be useful for you

Facts For Intercourse during Periods
Facts For Intercourse during Periods

Facts about Intercourse during Periods

1. Can sex during periods result in pregnancy?

Chances of pregnancy during periods are minimal. However, if you strictly want to avoid pregnancy it’s advisable to use an adequate birth-control method whenever you’ve got intercourse, including during times. Though the probabilities of pregnancy during times are very low, they’re not entirely absent because the sperm can survive within the body for a couple of days and there is a small chance that an early ovulation will cause pregnancy to you.

2. Will contact with menorrhea cause sexually-transmitted diseases (STD)?

Menstrual blood is the blood that is mixed with tissues lining the uterus. Contact with menorrhea isn’t harmful in any way. If your partner features a STD, you’ve got a high chance of contracting it and you ought to be employing a condom during intercourse, both during times and otherwise.

3. Does sex during periods cause HIV infection?

Sex during times cannot cause HIV infection unless one among the partners is HIV infected. Unprotected intercourse with an HIV infected partner can cause HIV infection, no matter periods. The only connection between HIV and sex during times is that the probabilities of HIV transmission from an HIV infected person to his/ her partner are higher if they have sex during periods. If you’ve got the slightest concern about HIV infection, the thumb rule is to use a condom no matter periods.

4. Will contact with menorrhea harm the penis?

No, menorrhea won’t harm the penis in any way. The worries and concerns about menorrhea stem from the very fact that we’ve been socially conditioned to ascertain it as an unclean fluid. Scientifically, menstrual fluid may be a mixture of blood and tissues that line the uterus monthly to organize it for pregnancy. If pregnancy doesn’t occur, the tissue is shed because it’s not required.

5. Can sex during periods injure the uterus?

No, sex during periods cannot injure the uterus. There is a standard perception that the mouth of the uterus exposes during times and therefore the penis can poke into it and hurt the uterus. This is not correct. Menstrual flood oozes out of a really small opening within the mouth of the uterus. The penis will never poke in through this opening.

6. Is sex during periods a perversion?

You would be happy to understand that an outsized number of couples roll in the hay during times . From the medical standpoint, sex during times is completely normal. So if you too indulge in it, there is absolutely no need to feel guilty or anxious.

7. Will sex during periods stop bleeding?

Some women do notice that their periods stop within each day approximately of sexual activity. This doesn’t mean that the menorrhea has been pushed back to the uterus and is unable to effuse. It happens primarily because sexual activity causes uterine contractions that expel the menstrual fluids and tissue faster, thus causing the bleeding to prevent before usual.

8. Will sex during periods relieve menstrual cramps?

Yes, some women do experience a decrease in menstrual cramps if they need sexual activity. This can happen because of multiple factors. On one hand, orgasm causes the discharge of some chemicals within the body that have pain allaying properties. Some scientists also believe that this happens because excess cramp causing chemicals called prostaglandins get spent.

9. Is it okay to have head during periods?

Yes, from the health perspective it’s okay to have head during times. It is advisable to use a dental dam if you’ve got head with a menstruating female partner.

10. Should I remove my tampon before having sex during periods?

Yes, always remember to get rid of your tampon before having sex during times. If you are doing not do that there’s an opportunity that the tampon will get pushed up in your vagina and if it’s left there for a protracted period, it can cause infection.


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