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Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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30 Laws Relevant to Doctors in Nepal

In order to know about the Laws Relevant to Doctors in Nepal, we should know about medical practice in Nepal. More than 30 thousand doctors as MBBS, BDS, MDS, and different specialty doctors are currently registered to Nepal Medical Council. Nepal Medical council is the body of Nepal Government for the Nepali doctors to give the affiliation to the Medical colleges and the doctors to work. Let’s know a bit about Nepal medical council

30 Laws Relevant to Doctors in Nepal
30 Laws Relevant to Doctors in Nepal

What is Nepal Medical Council?

Nepal Medical Council (NMC) was established in 2022(13th Sept. 1965) according to Nepal medical Council act which was published in Nepal Gazette for the first time. The major functions of Nepal Medical Council are:

  • Quality control of Medical Education of the country
  • Quality control of Health Services of the Country
  • Establish the Ethical Health Care Practice
  •  Establish Standardization of Medical Practice
  • Disciplinary action on breaching the Ethical/Standard Health Care Practice

Laws Relevant to Doctors in Nepal

During the medical profession, there had been lots of laws related to it. Different laws are being made to make good health practices in Nepal by the Nepal government. The working physician or the doctors in Nepal must know these acts and regulations during their practice time.  Here we have listed  30 Laws Relevant to Doctors in Nepal as below for the reference. These act and laws are listed with the amendment dates and downloadable links

List of Laws Relevant to Doctors in Nepal

  1. Civil Penal Code (Muluki Ain) (1963/64)
  2. Infectious Disease Act, 2020(1964)
  3. Police Act 2012 B.S. (1956)
  4. Prison Act 2019 B.S. (1963)
  5. Nepal Medical Council Act, 2020 B.S
    • . First Amendments 2044 B.S.,
    • Second Amendments     2047 B. S.,
    • Third Amendments 2056 B.S.
  6. Evidence Act, 2031 B.S.
  7. Drug Abuse Control Act., 2033 B.S. (1976)
  8. Narcotic Drugs Control Act 2033 – DDA
  9. Drugs Act, 2035, (1978)
  10. Disable protection & welfare Act 2039 B.S.
  11. Disaster Relief Act 2039 B.S.
  12. Ayurvedic Medicine Council Act, 2047 B.S.
  13. Nepal Health Research Council Act, 2047 B.S.
  14. Children Act 2048 B.S.
  15. Government Prosecution Related Act 2049 B.S.
  16. Nepal Nursing Council Act, 2052 (1996)
  17. Vehicle & Transport Act, 2053 B.S.
  18. Nepal Nursing Council Act, 2053 B.S.
  19. Nepal Health Professional Council Act, 2053
  20. Medicine Act, 2053 B.S.
  21. Compensation for Torture Act, 2053 B.S.
  22. Consumer Protection Act, 2053 B.S. (1997)
  23. Nepal Health Services Act, 2053 B.S. and the Regulations 2055B.S
  24. Iodised Salt Act, 2055 B.S.
  25. Human Organs Transplantation Act, 2055 B.S.
  26. Breast Milk Substitutes Marketing Control Acts, 2055 B.S.
  27. Nepal Pharmacy Council Act, 2057 B.S.
  28. Security of the Health Workers and Health Organizations Act, 2066 (2010)
  29. The Public Health Service Act, 2075 (2018)
  30. The Right to Safe Motherhood and Reproductive Health Act, 2075 (2018)



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