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Friday, June 21, 2024
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Coronavirus fight: Saving life in ICU at midnight

Amid novel #coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, numerous medical staff are arduously working to save lives. Check out what they do at midnight in ICU in Nanchang, east China’s Jiangxi Province

Tears. …their smile tell us they are making wonders by fighting n helping people to recover …hats off to this human beings they are truly gods resembles. ..salute to medical staff

I pray that anyone reading this would be able to come back here in 20 years to watch this video again and see how it began. Stay safeCoronavirus fight: Saving life in ICU at midnight


Pregnant With Coronavirus: How a Hospital Maternity Ward Is Coping | NYT News


6 Hours in Wuhan: Fighting Death on the Front Line

Fan Xuepeng, a doctor from Wuhan No.1 Hospital, is working in the most dangerous place. He and his team have been entrusted with missions at a critical time, fighting on the front line and saving patients. Wuhan: Life on the front line, a documentary series produced by China Daily, filmed a day in the life of these tireless heroes as they treat patients in the fight against the coronavirus. (Reported by Chun Tian & Wang Xiaoying, Edited by Liu Hao)


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