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Friday, June 14, 2024
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Women Giving Birth while Driving –inside car

baby born going down Beltway 8 in Houston on the way to birth center. No nudity.
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Best Videos Compilation Week 1 August 2016 || JukinVideoSHE WAS INCREDIBLE!!! I love how her husband was just all calm and laughing and joking and high-fiving and all she could think about was how incredible their new baby was. 🙂 Such a cute mother!Sounds to me like you just chose the wrong hospital. Not all of them are like that. My daughter was placed in my arms the moment she was born. They took her, cleaned her off and gave her back to me after running her tests. Once they knew she was healthy she was with me, in my room. The only time the nursery took her was upon request and when tests needed done. Just because you had a bad hospital experience (and I am sorry for that) doesn’t mean that everyone else will or that you should advise all expecting mothers to forgo them.
yea as everyone has said, its purely based on genetics and what not. when i was born, i had little to no hair.but iv seen someone who had their baby come out with a full head of hair. and he looked gorgeous!


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