Diffuse Dermal Angiomatosis of the Breast

Diffuse dermal angiomatosis is rare and usually considered a variant of reactive angioendotheliomatosis. It generally involves the extremities of patients with severe vascular disease and other comorbidities. Two patients with…Continue readingDiffuse Dermal Angiomatosis of the Breast

Targeted therapy

Targeted therapy is a type of cancer treatment that works differently to chemotherapy. Chemotherapy attacks all rapidly dividing cells in the body, but targeted therapy works by “targeting” those differences that…Continue readingTargeted therapy

Cancer treatment centres in Nepal

1.   B. P. Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital (BPKMCH): BPKMCH is the first tertiary level cancer hospital in Nepal, which provides all types of cancer treatment services, such as surgical oncology,…Continue readingCancer treatment centres in Nepal

Treatment of breast cancer

Treatments are less invasive when breast cancer is detected at an early stage. Challenges for breast cancer treatment in Nepal include patient’s financial status (given the huge out-of-pocket expenditure), accessibility…Continue readingTreatment of breast cancer


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the seven year surgeon as extrao

The seven year surgeon as extraordinary people

Extraordinary People -The seven-year surgeon is story about the child Akrit Jaswal, an Indian child surgeon who performed his first surgery at the age of seven. He is extraordinary child who was born on April 23, 1993, at Nurpur, Himachal Pradesh.

During his early life, Akrit learned to speak, read and write at an early age. At five years old, he had started reading plays by William Shakespeare and different books about medicine. The Doctors in his hometown of Nurpur, Himachal Pradesh started allowing him to watch and learn how to perform surgical procedures.

At the age of seven, he performed a surgery on an eight-year-old girl on On November 19, 2000,  She had burnt her fingers from five years before, and her parents previously had not been able to pay for the surgery because they did not have the financial means.

Extraordinary People -The seven-year surgeon who did medical surgery at the age of seven. his overwhelming videos are as follows:

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