NMCLE 2007 Dec past questions

NMCLE Questions 22th dec. 2007 – 27-12-2007

List of the Questions

  • most common parotid gland tumour >> mixed (pleomorphic)
  • which of the following vaccine is live attenuated >> Mumps MEASLEs BCG
  • which of the following is the complication of Diptheria >>myocarditis
  • in measles rashes starts from >> FACE trunk hand
  • which of the following is best method for the study of Rare disease>> CASE CONTROL cohort experimeantal
    Illusion is >> false interpretation of stimulaii
  • anti-psychotic drg is indicated in >> SCHIZOPHRENIA anxiety diaorder depression
    a child with odema an wt 70% >> KWASIYOKAR marasmus kwashiwokarmarasver
  • a child with ht 90% wt 80% with wide wrist jt, bowin legs >> shunted retarded RICKETS
    Koplik spot is seen in >> Typhoid MEASLEs Mumps.
  • a child with swellinnn on rt side of chick with tresmus, a student in his class is also sufferin from the same diseae >> MUMPS, parotid tumour
  • 60yr male with horseness of voice n palpable ly node on supraclavicular ly node >> Ca. LARYNX , recurrent nrv palsy, vocal cord nodule
  • most common cause of infection in PP fever >> clamydia
  • most commonly affected in PP Sepsis>> ENDoMENTRIUM salphinx cervix girl thingy
  • 21 ??yrs male with vomiting , visible peristalisis lt to rt , suc.splash + ,>> small bowel obs., GRASTIC OUTLET Obs., Large bowel obs.
  • ?? yr person sputum -ve TB on ATT now becomes sputum +ve after 2mt of therapy >> cnage to cat 1 chang to cat 2 ….
  • moutoux test is best read after >> 12 24 48 72 hrs (48)
  • 2 mth old child can do >>> …….from motor developement
  • 100ml of breast milk contains how much cal. >> 47 57 67 77 (67)
  • t/t of toxic nodule >> SURGERY medical radio iodine..
  • female on PP period with red hot tender rt breast >> i n d, aspirate to confirm brest absess, FLUCLOXACILLIN AN F/U AFTER 2 DAYS,
  • infectivity of HBV is indicated my >> HBeAg, IgMHBV
  • t/t of choice of t.solium > Py, Meb, Alb, (praz)
  • opth. neonatarumi s caused by >> ghonorria, stap, strep
  • pt with couldnot see far n near obj with pain eye>> glaucoma, presy. ,
  • ??t/t of iritis >>atropin …….
  • with neoplasm usually venot mets at time of dia. > SSC, RCC, Malig. melanoma, BASAL CELL Ca.
  • gomet insertion in >> GLUE EAR, CSOM, ASOM…
  • ext. pyramadal rxn >> haloperidol
  • not ADR of Ketamin>> halucination, dissociative ana., inc. IOP, bradycard.
  • IODINE day >> ????
  • which doesn’t cause empyma in child >> stap, strep, myco, N.
  • a clinical que from Rheumatic hrt disease ??
  • a clinical que from MS??
    comprehension ques. each carry 1 marks
  • 9mth child ..
    common cause of meningitis >> H inf
    csf finding >> >100 wbc with neutro indominent
    t/t >> Cefuro..
    common compli>??
    one i can’t remember
  • Turner synd.
    genetic abn > 46 X 45X 46 XXY 45XXY
    common associaeed contd > VSD ASD Co. Of Aorta PDA
    common associated kidney disorder > horse shoe kidney
    t/t >growth hormone
    not found > ht tall, ht short,web neck ……
  • MI
    in chest >2mm ST elevation >> ant MI ,Ant septal MI. , massive ant MI
    drg for ?? reperfusion >> streptokinase?? , aspirin, GTN.
    coz of death in 1st 24 hr >> venti arry, CCF….
    which drg comb. prevent decrease pain n prevent remodelin >> O2 morphine b block, aspisin ACE inhibit.
    pansystolic murmur coz?>> VSD, MR ,MS
  • burn
    to calculate % of burn <rule of nine>
    fluid requirement (parkland formula)

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