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NMCLE 2007 Dec past questions

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NMCLE Questions 22th dec. 2007 - 27-12-2007 List of the Questions most common parotid gland tumour >> mixed (pleomorphic) which of the following vaccine is live attenuated >> Mumps MEASLEs BCG which of the following is the complication of Diptheria >>myocarditis in measles rashes starts from >> FACE trunk hand which of the following is best method for the study of Rare disease>> CASE CONTROL cohort experimeantal Illusion is >> false interpretation of stimulaii anti-psychotic drg is indicated in >> SCHIZOPHRENIA anxiety diaorder depression a child with odema an wt 70% >> KWASIYOKAR marasmus kwashiwokarmarasver a child with ht 90% wt 80% with wide wrist jt, bowin legs >> shunted retarded RICKETS Koplik spot is seen in >> Ty...