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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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How long does temporary erectile dysfunction last?

ED ore Erectile dysfunction is a physical condition in which men are unable to get or hold their erection for enough time during sexual intercourse. It may happen to any individual. Actually, the lifestyle of today’s modern society has become so busy that a person does not get time to see himself personally.

The burden of societal issues adds on to increased stress and depression which further results in these types of problems. Ignoring temporary ED is equally a big problem like having temporary ED. Many men don’t talk openly about this issue as they feel it will raise their fingers at their manhood.

Addiction to Smoking and Alcohol could also lead to depression which further can worsen your situation. However, you cannot neglect the physical condition along with the mental condition which causes temporary ED.

Clogged Blood Vessels(atherosclerosis) is a common issue that a temporary ED patient faces in which blood flow to the penis gets obstructed due to the accumulation of plaque. There could also be some other issue that is causing you this problem which you can checked.

But using drugs like Fildena 100 from Hotmedz with proper medical guidance can be handy in such a situation. Although using medicine alone cannot help you all the way, adapting to a healthy lifestyle along with a proper self-watch is a must for a temporary ED patient.

How long does temporary erectile dysfunction last
How long does temporary erectile dysfunction last

Temporary Erectile Dysfunction:-

If we want to know how long temporary ED lasts, firstly we have to know its causes and treatment.

Erectile Dysfunction can last for a person lifelong but in some cases, it can be temporary as well and can be treated with the help of proper treatment and care. This happens because of some other cause rather than a physical cause.


  1. It can happen due to psychological causes or some mental trauma individuals are suffering from.
  2. Porn addiction is also a major reason for people to suffer temporary ED when they are with their partners. Watching continuous porn and masturbating could eventually reduce your performance in bed.
  3. Temporary ED could also be the result of your improper lifestyle and bad habits. Smoking and drinking along with a poor diet could also lead to temporary ED.
  4. Sometimes it is the side effects that are caused by the drug that you are taking. It could be any heart-related issue drug, blood pressure drug, or diabetes drug.
  5. It can also be developed if you have a bitter relationship with your sexual partner the reason for bitterness could be loss of attention towards your partner or you don’t have respect for others.

Treatment of temporary ED:-

  • The solution to temporary ED is possible either with the help of some medication or through some lifestyle changes. Medicines like Cenforce 100, Fildena 100 and Vidalista 20 from Hotmedz under medical supervision can help patients in getting rid of temporary ED.
  • Quitting smoking can be crucial to start the procedure of the treatment of ED as smoking can cause damage to your blood vessels, these are typically small things that an individual doesn’t notice but they play major roles in our lives.
  • It is the most underrated thing that imparts a huge effect on anyone sexual life i.e. lifestyle

. Living a proper healthy life with a properly balanced diet can help you in avoiding many deadly diseases but most people don’t know the importance of a healthy diet. So you have to indulge yourself in a good lifestyle to overcome temporary ED.

  • Taking sex therapy or relationship therapy from a specialist is a major step towards fixing your problem. You can also take counseling sessions from an expert.
  • It happens in most of the cases of temporary ED that the mental trauma, stress or tension is the lead cause of it. Stress and anxiety create hormonal imbalance in the body thus affecting your blood flow in the penis. Temporary ED can be resolved after addressing your reason for stress.


The patient should first address their mental state rather than the physical cause as in most cases of temporary ED it mainly happens due to a mental breakdown. The period of temporary ED to stay always depends upon how you treat yourself in this condition. It depends on the individual.

Analyzing your root cause and then addressing them in the best possible way. If it is happening due to smoking, a bad lifestyle or any other, stop them from right now and you will start getting results from tomorrow. So there is no particular timeline for the temporary ED to last. Once you make adjustments to fix your problem it will not last from that day.


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