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Monday, June 17, 2024
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Monitoring, evaluation and reporting — COVID 19 – WHO

-A. An information management unit with a dedicated team and adequate resources
will be established under the Incident Command System (HEOC). The composition
and number of the team will be assessed by HEOC based on the situation (level).
B. A results framework and plan will be developed for tracking the progress of the
health sector response to COVID including evaluation. Each entity engaged in
COVID-19 response will collect and provide information as per the results

C. Monitoring of the daily activities, service utilization including that of critical health
care services, monitoring and feedback on real time basis will be ensured where
D. Inter-agency data sharing mechanisms will be established at the MoHP-

E. The process of response to COVID-19 will be documented and an evaluation of
COVID-19 response performance will be conducted at each level of governance.
The lessons learnt from the response at each level will facilitate development of
evidence based policies and programmes and ensure adequate budgeting at each
F. The following interim key indicators will be used to monitor and evaluate the
preparedness and response.
○ Percentage of budget allocated to support COVID-19 response plan
○ Number of tests performed
○ Number of positive cases and daily/weekly trend
○ Per capita cases by province/district
○ Percentage of cases cured among outcome group patient
○ Case fatality rate of confirmed cases by age groups and sex
○ Number of new confirmed cases in healthcare workers
○ Number of referred cases
○ Number of positive cases identified during contract tracing
○ Number of isolation beds available by province/district
○ Number of ICU beds to provide services to the COVID-19 cases
○ Number of people quarantined
○ Number of suspected cases isolated
○ Proportion of positive cases among suspected cases
○ Percentage of laboratories scoring 100% on EQAP
All regular essential services for other critical programmes will be monitored through the
routine programme monitoring framework.
These indicators will be updated as the results framework gets finalized and when
situation evolve and more evidence becomes available.*


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