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Friday, June 14, 2024
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Major Highlights of Nepal Health Budget 2020/2021

The Major Highlight of Nepal Health Budget for 2020/2021  seems to be optimistic and focuses on communicable disease and building infrastructure.   Minister for Finance of Nepal  Dr. Yuba Raj Khatiwada presented the budget estimates for the fiscal year 2020/21 on the federal parliament live. The government has presented an annual budget of Rs 1.47 trillion for the fiscal year 2020/21. which was Rs 1.53 trillion last year.

The major highlights of the fiscal year 2020/21 Nepal budget areas Rs 352.91 billion for capital expenditure, Rs 948.94 billion for recurrent expenditure, Rs 172.79 billion for financing, Rs 889.62 billion will be financed from revenue, Rs 60.52 billion from foreign grants, Rs 299.5 billion from foreign loans, and  Rs 225 billion from internal loans.

Major Highlights of Nepal Health Budget 2020/2021
Major Highlights of Nepal Health Budget 2020/2021

Regarding the Nepal Health budget, the budget in the health sector allocated for this year is 90.69 billion while it was Rs 68.78 billion in last year. There was an increase in budget in the health sector, prioritizing the prevention and control of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). The major highlights of Nepal’s health budget are listed as follows

Complete speech of Nepal Health Budget 2020/2021

Major Highlights of Nepal Health Budget 2020/2021

  • COVID 19 Combat budget for hospitals, doctors and health person
  • Health infrastructure budgets for building hospitals, labs, and other
  • Healthy Nepal Campaign to be run over the whole nation
  • Free emergency services at the Central Hospital
  • To declare Nepal completely vaccine-free next year
  • To establish a trauma center on the highway
  • Arrangement for private hospitals to provide compulsory specialist services in district hospitals
  • Rs. 5 billion to make the physician program effective at the local level, including one physician, one health institution
  • 7 billion for three years to bring Nepal health insurance for all and 40 percent insurance for all local levels
  •  Building infrastructure for health check-ups at major entrances
  • Modern laboratory establishments in all states
  • located budget to administer a vaccine against human papillomavirus to prevent cervical cancer in women
  • Arrangements to be made to use private sector hospitals during disasters

COVID-19 Combat Budget in Nepal Health Budget 2020/2021

  •  Rs 6 billion has been allocated to combat the pandemic for prevention and control.
  • the government will expand the scope of testing, increase quarantine facilities, and manage health facilities, medicines, and equipment.
  • has announced free health insurance to health workers involved in the treatment of the virus. insure of  Rs 500,000 for doctors and health workers
  • allowance of health workers has also been doubled.
  • Build up Infectious disease hospitals at the central and local level

Health Infrastructure  in Nepal Health Budget 2020/2021

  • A total of Rs 12.46 billion has been allocated to develop health infrastructures in Nepal. Under this program, the following are focused
  • National Public Health Laboratory will be developed into an international standard lab.
  • Modern and well-facilitated health labs will be developed in all province capitals.
  • A 300-bed infectious disease hospital will be built in Kathmandu Valley and 50-bed infectious disease hospitals will be built in all the province capitals.
  •  250-bed ICU units will be built in all the government hospitals both inside and outside the valley.
  •  Additional ICU will be set up at Kanti Children’s Hospital
  • Rs 14.2 billion has been set aside to build 272 basic hospitals with 5-15 beds at all local levels.
  • Arrangements will be made to provide Rs 5.1 billion to health institutions at local levels to provide fundamental health services alongside checkups on non-communicable diseases.
  • Pokhara and Karnali Health Sciences Academy and Koshi, Narayani, Bharatpur, Bheri, and Dadeldhura Hospitals will be upgraded into expert hospitals.
  • Plans to expand necessary labs in all health facilities and

Other Health-related Programs in Nepal Health Budget

  • Forty percent populace at all local levels will be brought under the Nepal Health insurance policy in the next Fiscal Year
  • Nutritious food programs will be run at all health institutions.
  • establish disease remedy and pharmacy
  • set up health desks with the necessary equipment at main entry points in the states for compulsory health examination of abroad returnees is also included in the budget.

Overall Nepal Health Budget 2020/2021 has been increased and has more good things to be expected.

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