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Friday, June 14, 2024
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Gyenecology & obstretic Lecture slides 1

List of the gynecology and obstretic lecture slide for free download. click on the related link to download
  • reproductive anatomy:  Dr. shaima abuzide
  • menestruation and ovulation: Dr. Ragab Yamani
  • physiological changes of pregnancy: dr.najwa jabu
  • Miscarriage and its complications: Dr. Ramadan Gantri
  • miscariage : Dr. maryam gweder
  • Antinatal care; Dr. Nadia Gantri
  • antenatal care; Dr. Naser darag
  • Antepartum haemorrhage; Prof. Mohmed Rahuma.
  • Antepartum haemorrhage; Dr. Lubna Maghur
  • Ectopic pregnancy; Dr. M. Gawass,
  •  Anemia: Prof. Gawass
  • ectopic pregnancy: dr. najwa jabu
  • Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy; Dr Abdlla Jali
  • Gestational trophoblastic diseases; Prof.Abdulrahman Alsharif
  • Labour; Prof. Mustafa Gawass
  •  Pain relif in labour; Dr. L.Almaghur
  • Cancer endometrium; Prof. Gawass.
  • Benign and premalignant disease of the cervix; Dr. Lubna Almaghur
  • Cancer Cervix; Prof. Mustafa Gawass.
  • ovarian cancer; Dr. abduhafed abuther.
  • vulval cancer; Dr. Emdalla Alashig.
  •  Obstetric emergecy; Dr. Abdula Abudaber
  • Urinnary incntinance; Dr. Nadia Gantri –
  • Outline in urodynamics; Dr. Nadia Gantri


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