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Endocrine Hormone MCQ collection with solutions

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  Endocrinology – Hormones MCQS practices for all medicos with solutions     (Hormone acts soon if the cell has receptors for the hormone, you will become soon successful and beautiful like moon if you are the acceptor of whom who performed the miracle of moon)     It acts as a first messenger: a) c-AMP b) c-GMP c) calmodulin d) calcium e) calcitonin   The enzyme required for the synthesis of c-AMP is: a) tyrosine kinase b) phospholipase C c) adenylate cyclase d) G-Protein e) ATPase   An 11 years old patient comes to doctor with obesity and dwarfism. He needs the administration of: a) insulin b) growth hormone c) glucagon d) testosterone e) catecholamines   Find the mis-match. a) pancreas : somatostatin b) thyroid gland : calci...