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115 Medical one liners for medical exam

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115 Medical one-liners for a medical exam. They are useful for NMCLE exam, USMLE exam, AIIMS exam, PMDC exam,PLAB exam,. These are collected from different sources also found in first aid  2020. These one-liners will help for your medical entrance exams.usmle step 1 score Avascular Necrosis of Bones | Ortho Study Notes 115 Medical one-liners for a medical exam 1. Acromegaly 9 6 Diagnosis: OGTT followed by GH conc. 2. Cushings  Diagnosis: 24hr urinary free cortisol. Addisons --> short synacthen. 3. Rash on buttocks --> Dermatitis herpetiformis (coeliac dx). 4. AF with TIA --> Warfarin. Just TIA's with no AF --> Aspirin 5. Herpes encephalitis --> temporal lobe calcification OR temporoparietal attentuation 9 6 subacute onset i.e. Several days. 6. Obese woman, papillo...
Avascular Necrosis of Bones | Ortho Study Notes

Avascular Necrosis of Bones | Ortho Study Notes

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Avascular Necrosis of Bones is the most common term the medical student should know. It is mostly to be known by the orthopedic Postgraduate students and the orthopedic Resistant. Avascular Necrosis is the death of the bone tissue due to the death of the bone due to compromise of the blood supply to the bone tissue. This  AVN is characterized by the death of cellular components of the bone secondary to an interruption of the subchondral blood supply and can occur to every bone in our body. it can be from the small bone to the largest bone as we know that bone tissue is live tissue. without the blood supply, the bone tissue cannot get the oxygen and nutrient which later become the dead. This necrosis of bone typically affects the epiphysis of long bones at weight-bearing joints...