The four Spinal Pathways Study Notes, including the Spinal Cord Anatomy and Organisation, the Dorsal Column Medial Lemniscus Pathway, the Spinothalamic Tract and the Corticospinal Tract.

Spinal Pathways Study Notes

Categorization of the Tracts :Spinal Pathways Study Notes

Descending Tracts

  • Corticospinal Tracts (Pyramidal Tract)
  • Rubrospinal Tract
  • Reticulospinal Tract
  • Lateral Reticulospinal Tract
  • Medial Reticulospinal Tract
  • Hypothalamospinal Tract

Ascending Tracts

  • Lateral Spinothalamic Tract
  • Anterior Spinothalamic Tract
  • Fasciculus Gracilis (Tract of Goll) And Fasciculus Cuneatus (Tract of Burdach)
  • Spinocerebellar Tracts

Clinical Significance
Subacute Combined Degeneration ofThe Spinal Cord
Spinal Cord Injury


whole video channel for the spinal pathway as below .

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Spinal Pathways Study Notes

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