Orthopedic Lecture Notes download part 2

Orthopedic lecture notes pdf from  shared listed from orthopedic surgeons in the Northern Deanery, UK. click to view online or download directly to respective topic

What does the plantar aponeurosis do ? (3.5 MB)
Pes Cavus (5 MB) – NYA
Video of Cobb procedure (157 MB) 
Tib post insufficiency (0.7 MB)
Flat foot deformity (3.5 MB)
Flat feet (4.5 MB)
When to amputate (0.9 MB)
Diabetic feet who cares (0.9 MB)
Foot problems in diabetes (3.3 MB)
Pilon fractures introduction (1.7 MB)
Pilon Fractures (1 MB)
Ankle Fusion (5.9 MB)
Mobility Total Ankle Replacement (0.3 MB)
Managing complications in TAR (18 MB)
Calcaneal Fracture classification (3.5 MB)
Calcaneal fractures (7.1 MB)
Minimally invasive os calcis fixation (1.1 MB)


Distal radius management (26.5 MB)
Pelvic and acetabular fractures (51.8 MB)
Acetabular fractures – the first 3 days (0.2 MB)
Acetabular fractures – initial care (9.5 MB)
Acetabular fractures – case studies (9.1 MB)
Femoral head fractures (1.7 MB)
Intra-articular lower limb fractures Part 1 – (46.5 MB)
Intra-articular lower limb fractures Part 2 – (61 MB)
Tibial Nailing principles (0.7 MB)
Tibial fractures – Examples (7.3 MB)
Complex foot injuries (32.8 MB)


Dexa and bone mineral density (6.7 MB)
Musculoskeletal ultrasound (5 MB)
Distal Tibia fractures (2 MB)
Study Design (0.5 MB)
Critical Appraisal (0.9 MB)
Outcome measures & Statistics (0.3 MB)
Nerve structure and function (0.9 MB)
Cartilage (4.8 MB)
Bone biology (4.1 MB)
Infection (2.9 MB)
Infection & Stability after open fractures (2.3 MB)
Tribology and biotribology (3.1 MB)
Biomaterials for orthopaedic applications (1.5 MB)
Deformation of materials (paper) (0.4 MB)
IM Nailing of the femur (2.1 MB)
Metastasis to bone (11 MB)
Orthopaedic Oncology Quiz (39.6 MB)
Spotting Tigers in the Long Grass (Direct link)
Normal Gait (2.3MB)