Orthopedic Lecture Notes download part 3


Orthopedic Lecture Notes download part 3
Orthopedic lecture notes pdf from  shared listed from orthopedic surgeons in the Northern Deanery, UK. click to view online or download directly to respective topic

Knee Joint
Tibial plateau fractures
Anterior Knee Pain
Medial compartment OA review
The meniscus
Paediatric Knee Injuries
Knee Biomechanics


Halo (12.2MB)
Clinical assessment of the spine (0.6 MB)
Spinal Cord Injury (0.2 MB)
Vertebral fragility fractures (5.1 MB)
Adult Scoliosis (3.1 MB)


A history of cemented THR (6 MB)
Should all hips be cemented: 7 year data from the NJR
Anatomy and fracture classification (1MB)
Tips and tricks for proximal femur fractures (15.7 MB)
Cemented vs Uncemented (3.3 MB)
Diagnosis is young & adult hip (0.6 MB)
Perthes & SUFE Cases (10.2 MB)
Hip Osteotomies (60.2 MB)
Arthroplasty in young adults (2.6 MB)
Subtrochanteric fractures (4.0 MB)
How to fix subtrochanteric fractures (1.7 MB)
Femoro Acetabular Impingement (3 MB)
Biotribology (1.1 MB)
Retrieval findings from MoM hips (1.2 MB)
Dislocating hips (1 MB)
Causes of hip dislocation (0.5 MB)
Limb length discrepancy (0.8 MB)
Nerve injury after THR (1.2 MB)
Management of prosthetic joint infections (0.4 MB)
Thromboprophylaxis (0.1 MB)
Acetabular dysplasia (0.7 MB)
Periprosthetic fractures (3.7 MB)
Bone Loss (5 MB)
Acetabular Revision (48 MB)
Femoral Revision (85 MB)
Periprosthetic fractures (1.3 MB)