NMCLE 2010 October Past Questions

2nd October ,2010NMCLE Questions

Nepal medical council exam for the Liscence for the mbbs graduate held on 2nd October ,2010 are listed as follow
  1. Which Anti tuberculousis drug side effect is peripheral neuropathy?
    • Ethambutol b) rifampicin c) isonaizid d)streptomycin
  2. A couple comes to you for family planning . They have five children and their family is complete. The youngest son is 5 years old .The mother is obesed. What would you suggest?
    • a) vasectomy b) tubectomy c) minilap
  3. Philadelphia chromosome is seen in
    • a) AML b) ALL c) CML d) CLL
  4. Reedsternberg cell is seen in
    • a) Non-Hodgkns lymphoma b) Hodgkins lymphoma c) Leukemia d) megaloblastic anemia
  5. Which anti-coagulant is contraindicated in pregnancy?
    • a) heparin b) warfarin c) aspirin
  6. A 57 year woman travels by 7 hour flight. She comes to the ER with a complain of chest pain and dyspnoea. Where is the origin of embolus?
    • a) heart b) lung c) calf region of the legs d) brain
  7. Three swab test is done for
    • a) Hemorrhoid b) Vesicovaginalfistula c) fistula in ano
  8. A woman usg shows fibroid uterus . She complains of per vaginal bleeding. What is the type?
    • a)Submucous b) subserous c)interstitial
  9. Which anti-leprotic drugs side effect is black urine?
    • a)dapsone b) clofazimine c) rifampicin
  10. A person age 45 yrs old comes with a complain of frank type hemoptysis. He had a history of primary tuberculosis in childhood.whats is your probable diagnosis?
    • a) Ca lung b) Bronchiectasis c) recurrent primary TB
  11. Children with increase ICP features ?
  12. Anesthetic drug which doesn’t increase ICP?
  13. What is the anti-dote for Paracetamol? N-acetylcysteine
  14. What is the vector of Japanese Encephalitis?
  15. Dose of mebendazole for Tapeworm
  16. What is prevalence and incidence?
  17. Lead poisoning…… case?
  18. Which drug is given fast IV?
    • a) Atropine b) Adrenaline c) Adenosine d) Noradrenaline
  19. Confirmatory test for AIDS ?
    • a) Westernblot test b) ELISA
  20. A doctor left scissors inside the abdomen cavity while operating and the patients dies ? whats is called ? Ans: Doctrine n res……………
  21. Causes of Epidemic Dropsy?
  22. how to prevent cross infection? Ans > Handwashing
  23. In ORS what is the function of Glucose? Ans > increase the absorption of sodium and potassium
  24. Case of vertigo? BenignParaoxysmalVertigo or menieres disease
  25. CSOM > differentiation between AA and TT Anatomically
  26. Defn Endemic
  27. Cholelithiasis post op complication on day 2nd?
  28. ECG features of hyperkalemia ?
  29. Values of TFT in different types of hyperthyroidism ?
  30. Cause of death in hanging? : 26) Defn Endemic27)Cholelithiasis post op complication on day 2nd?28)ECG features of hyperkalemia ?29)Values of TFT in different types of hyperthyroidism ? 30)Cause of death in hanging?
  31. A person had a RTA . He comes to er with complains of dyspnoea and chest pain? What will you do first?a) send for X ray b) insert chest tube in triangle of safetyc) secure the cervical spine and do ABC
  32. Case relating HSP?
  33. Test done in compartment syndrome? Stretch test
  34. Cubitus varus (gun stock hand) is seen in which fracture? Supracondylar fracture
  35. what are the fractures with complication avascular necrosis?
  36. glasglow coma scale? Case to calculate?
  37. posterior hip dislocation features?
  38. Charcots triad?
  39. Hypertrophic pyloric stenosis? Case
  40. Local anesthesia + Adrenaline Dose? 7 mg/kg
  41. Apgar score? Features?
  42. Defn of Low birth weight?
  43. Blood spilled in your ward. What is the most efficient and cheapest way to clean it? Sodium…..(see component of virex)
  44. Length of NG tube for gastric lavage? a) 40 b) 50 c) 60
  45. What is the Ca following H. Mole ?
  46. In head trauma whats is the common type of hematoma?a) extradural hematoma b) subdural hematoma
  47. branches of arteries in legs ?
  48. If a patient is allergic to penicillin which drug is also contraindicated? Cephalexin
  49. X ray finding Gaint cell carcinoma( osteoclastoma) ) Soap bubble appearance
  50. whats is primary prevention? Secondary prevention? Tertiary prevention?
  51. Case of physiological jaundice?
  52. A patient lost the sensation to sweet taste of anterior part of the tongue .which nerve is affected?
  53. Which organism is related to antibiotic related diarrhea? Clostridium
  54. what is the long term complication of indwelling catheter?
  55. An infertile woman come to you for potency test .which day of cycle will you call her for the endometrial biopsy? 21-24 day
  56. A patient becomes allergic to penicillin . which antibody is formed? IgE
  57. Which is used for rheumatic heart disease prophylaxis? benzyl Penicillin or bezylthaine penicillin
  58. In asthma which drug is not used as an inhaler? Prednisolone
  59. Defn of carbuncle and location
  60. Anti-nuclear test is done for? SLE
  61. In which condition there is increase pulmonary blood flow? a) ASD b) TOF c) VSD d) Pulm. Stenosis
  62. What is the precursor of thyroid hormone?
  63. A children comes with asymptomatic varicella rashes for 3 days ? what will you do in opd?a) give him PCT b) Acyclovir c) Cephalexin
  64. Difference between Daibetic retinopathy and hypertensive retinopathy
  65. drug of choice for DM + HTN? ACE inhibitor
  66. A patient have drunken gait? Which part of the brain is affected?
  67. Case related to hematocolpus.(gynae)
  68. Layers during spinal anesthesia?
  69. Thaimin deficiency ? Case
  70. Case of Aplastic Anemia?
  71. Carbon monoxide poisoning? (from this point number is not matching with his slide because after 70 he has used directly 72)
  72. Lab finding in polycythemia?
  73. Common cause of anemia in Nepal? Nutritional defect
  74. A old woman caught in RTA .Bleeding from the ear? What will you do? Ans: Use swab with antibiotics
  75. Inguinal ligament anatomy?
  76. Opium poisoning?
  77. Nerve supply of larynx?
  78. Differential diagnosis of Hoarseness of voice?
  79. Primi mother with 4 weeks child? Which contraceptive measure is contra-indicated?
  80. case of croup(laryngotracheobronchitis)?
  81. Hypoparathyroidism. Clinal finding?
  82. Common cause of VVF in Nepal?
  83. autopsy specimen is preserved in ? Formalin
  84. After operation of inguinal hernia .which antibiotics will you give and for how many days ??????
  85. In a usg of a pregnant woman H.mole is seen. Which drug will you use to induce the termination?
  86. Case Types of pharyngeal abscess?
  87. Lesion at the chaisma of the optic nerve? What will happen?
  88. What transfer iron in the body?
  89. What is the age group for anti protozoans therapy for children? Ans 6 months to 5 years
  90. case regarding meniscus injury? It occurs mostly in football players
  91. types of erythema ?
  92. case regarding scabies and atopic dermatitis (features of vesicles) ?

Long questions

  1. Hernia .
    • A) strangulated hernia B) x ray position. C) Surgical plan. Type of surgery D) what is included in left hemicolectomy.
  2. PPH. big baby weight 4 kg.
    • a) cause of PPH(obstructed labour).B) Amount of blood loss in pph. C)Common cause of maternal death in Nepal(PPH)
  3. burn.
    • a) Rule of nine.b) Parkland formula . c) severity of burn(degree). d) What is blister?
  4. Meningitis. case.
    • a) dagnostic features b) Group wise causative agent.. c) investigation of choice. LP5.
  5. COPD case.
    • A) Clinical examination of heart in copd. B)Complication. C)Advise to patient. Cease smoking
  6. Mitral vulvoplasty.
    • a ) Anti-coagulant prophylaxis. B) In pregnant choice.
  7. Dm case.
    • a) Property of all the drugs. B) Inv of choice. C) Insulin choice and dose.D) Inv of choice in follow up after 6 weeks.Hb1Ac E) Drug of choice for DM + HTN?
  8. nephritic syndrome.
    • a) Case. B) Cause.c) Management. d) Diagnosis.
  9. Eclampsia.
    • A) case.b) Drug of choice for convulsion.c) Side effect of mag, sulfate . D) when to stop Mg2S04.
  10. osteomyelitis. inv of choice. Diagnostic feature. How to use antibiotics. Common location of osteomyelitis.

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