Making bright eyes with Soup

From childhood we were taught to think of carrot as the only remedy for beautiful eyes and eye sight. But it’s a fact that green leafy vegetables are also good. For brightness of eye A soup made of spinach which as following:
1. Spinach- 100gms
2. ladies finger -3 or 4
3. Green chili- 1
4. Water- 1 cup
5. Milk- 35 ml
6. Salt as per taste.
Clean the spinach well in luke warm salt water. Half cook it with water, finely chopped ladies finger and green chilies. Add milk and boil. Blend it with water. Then you can strain out the solid contents. Boil the nutritious syrup for a few minutes and add salt. The ladies finger will give you all the needed thickness for the soup. Don’t have to add corn flour. Serve Hot. Have this soup every three days a week.

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