Hypoglycemia Mnemoincs

– H-U-N-G-E-R: B-E-S-T S-A-U-C-E I-S M-S-G

  • H-Hepatic failure (advanced), Hypothermia
  • U-Uremia/renal failure
  • N-Nausea, vomiting
  • G-Growth hormone deficiency
  • E-Ethanol metabolism blunts gluconeogenesis
  • R-Reye’s syndrome


  • B-Beta blockers
  • E-Enzyme defects (glycogen storage diseases)
  • S-Sepsis
  • T-Tumors: Islet beta cell tumors (pancreatic): Insulinomas
  • Non-islet cell tumors: Large mesenchymal tumors
  • S-Sulfonylureas
  • A-Adrenal insufficiency
  • U-Under 0.3 (insulin/glucose ratio) to make the diagnosis C-C-peptide measurement to rule out factitious hypoglycemia
  • E-Endocrine: Epinephrine, glucagon deficiencies (counterregulatory hormone deficiencies)
  • I-Immune disease with insulin or insulin receptor antibodies
  • S-Sarcomas: large retroperitoneal sarcomas
  • M-Maple syrup urine disease, severe Malaria
  • S-Salicylates in children
  • G-Galactosemia (with milk ingestion), disorders of Gluconeogenesis