HAAD Exam Sample Questions for Doctors

For Appearing HAAD Exam, which is the  Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD) .  HAAD Exam Sample Questions for Doctors are the licence exam question you have to get through before entering there.

Exam for Doctors in Abu Dhabi must obtain specific licenses from HAAD depending on whether they are interns, general practitioners, specialists, consultants or resident doctors.

In the same way ,  Dentists must obtain specific licenses from HAAD depending on whether they are interns, general dentists, specialists, consultants or resident dentists. Here are some HAAD Sample Question Practice for GP (General Practitioner)

HAAD Exam Sample Questions for Doctors
HAAD Exam Sample Questions


HAAD Exam Sample Questions for GP Doctors

    1. Drug for hypertension most commonly used during pregnancy – alpha-methyl DOPA
    2. MVP patient required prophylaxis for endocarditis during the dental procedure when assoc with MR
    3. Temporal Arteritis – (case of a typical patient with s/s given) old lady with pain over one side of head.
    4. Temporal Arteritis – diagnosed by ESR
    5. Most common cause of pneumococcal Pneumonia and how to diagnose (patient with shaking chills, with signs of high fever and difficulty breathing)
    6. Anaemia – Anaemia of chronic disease with RA TH о treat underlying diseases.
    7. Most common cause of traveler’s diarrhea – E.Coli Management of Traveller’s diarrhea.
    8. Appendicitis in elderly patients онsc chances of perforation.
    9. Case scenario of a typical case of Guillain Barrre Syndrome
    10. Management of recurrent acne (papules & pustules)
    11. Source of infection of Schistomiasis and how it infects.
    12. In (gout – pseudogout) how the diagnosis о cynovial fluid, monosodium urate crystals.
    13. Vaginal Pruritus & discharge – candidiasis, no itching – Bact. Vaginosis.
    14. Stahylococcal food poisoning.
    15. Pseudomonas colitis due to toxins by clostridium difficile.
    16. Metartarsal stress fracture
    17. DIC опplatelet count, нPT & PTT schistocytes
    18. Benign Paroxysmal positional vertigo
    19. Carcinoid syndrome – diag – urine for 5 HIAA
    20. Migraine – Diagnosis (patient with s/s)
    21. Clinical Difference of Pleural effusion & pericardial tamponade
    22. Cl. Diff. of pericarditis & Cardiac tamponade
    23. PDA – continuous machinery murmur
    24. Glaucoma – acute angle closure glaucoma – management
    25. Optic neuritis – diagnosis
    26. Orbital Cellulitis – pH Diagnosis
    27. Breast lumps – Mammography findings
    28. Medical ethics – Autonomy, Veracity, Informed consent
    29. Best for diagnosis of Iron deficiency Anaemia – S. Ferritin.
    30. Diagnosis of H.Pylori
    31. Coarctation of aorta – diagnosis – ASD
    32. Acute intermittent porphyria – diagnosis.
    33. Polycythemia Vera – Diagnosis.
    34. Roseola   }Erythema infectiosum }Rubella   } DiagnosisRubeola (Measles) }Varicella   }
    1. Hep B – Antigen & Antibody fter vaccination – Ag & Ab
    1. Panic disorder – sign & symptoms
    2. Therapy of psychotic disorder
    3. Therapy of depression (antidepressants) – drugs, side effects, SSRI, TCA, MAOI, Bupropion
    4. Diff. bet Schizophrenia, Schizophreniform disorder, Brief psychotic disorder
    5. Borderline personality disorder
    6. ADHD – m/m
    7. Hypochondriasis, Malingering, Factitious disorder (diff)
    8. Case-control study, cohort study (diff)
    9. Ectopic pregnancy (diagnosis)
    10. Endometriosis
    11. PID & IUCD (Management)
    12. Fibroid – M/M
    13. Developmental milestones
    14. Parvovirus EB19 – erythema infectiosum
    15. Erb Palsy
    16. Acute Otitismedia – most common complication
    17. Epiglotitis & Viral croup (Diff)
    18. Developmental Dysplasia of hip (diagnosis)
    19. Nocturnal enuresis (m/m)
    20. Sleepwalking, nightmares (m/m)
    21. Breath-holding spells (m/m)
    22. Toxic shock syndrome (cause, symp – diagnosis)
    23. Inf. Mononucleosis – cause
    24. Osteosarcoma, Ewing Sarcoma, osteoid osteoma (diagnosis)
    25. Cystic fibrosis
    26. Strep throat in – cause – diagnosis – TH
    27. Impetigo – cause, TH
    28. Uterine atony
    29. PPH
    30. Mitral Stenosis
    31. Klinefelter’s Syndrome
    32. Polycystic ovary syndrome
    33. Ankylosing spondylitis – Diagnosis

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