Gynecology & obstetric Lecture notes 2

gynecology slide

LIst of gynecology and obstretic powerpoint slides download part 2

  • preterm labour; Dr. Mustafa Gawass
  •  Purperium; Prof.Abdulrahman Alsharif
  • Diabetis in pregnancy; Dr. M. Sultane
  • Diabetes in pregnancy; Dr. L.F. Maghur
  • urinnary tract infection; Dr. Mohamed Sultane
  •  Dysmenorhea, Dysparunia and PMT; Dr AlHashmi Alhajras
  • Rhesus disease; Dr. Sager Zahra
  • Benign Diseases of the vulva; Dr. Ramadan Gantri
  • Outline of polycystic ovaries; Dr. Yousif Gadmour
  • Family planning; Dr. Lubna Almaghur
  • Malposition and malpresentation; Dr Sager Zahra


  • h: Dr. Adulhafed Abuther
  • prolonged pregnancy and induction of labour: Dr. Naser Sarag
  • Prolonged pregnancy and induction of labour; Dr. Samira Abudia
  • Amenorrhea; Dr. Nadia Gantri
  • Cesarean Section; Dr. Rajab Yamani
  • menorrhagia; Dr. manal edress
  • Menorrhagia; Dr. Abdulla Abudaber
  • Subfertility; Dr. Yousif Gadmour
  • Thromboembolic disorders in pregnancy; Dr Alhashmi Alhagras
  • Menopause and HRT; Dr. Abdulla Jali
  • Infections in pregnancy; Dr. Issam Abushwereb
  • Intrauterine fetal death; Dr. Abdula Abudaber
  • macrosomia and IUGR; Dr. shaima abuide
  • Pubirty and menarche; Dr. Mohamed Sultane.
  • premenestrual tension; Dr. shaima abuide
  • mental disorders of pregnancy; Prof.Abdulrahman Alsharif.
  • Diet Excersice and travelling in pregnancy; Dr. Nadia Ayad
  • coagulation failure in pregnancy; Dr Alhashmi Alhagras
  • Uterine fibroid; Dr. Abushwereb


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