General Pharmacology Abbreviations

Abbreviation Derivation Meaning
alt. dieb. alternis diebus on alternate days
aq. aqua water
bin bis in noctis two times a night
bis i. d. bis in diem twice a day
c. circa about, approximately
ca. circa about, approximately
comp compositus compound
cont. rem. continuantur remedia let the remedies be continued
d. da give, administer
de d. in d. de die in diem daily
dieb. alt. diebus alternis on alternate days
dil. dilue, dilutus dilute, dilutus
in p. aeq. dividiatur in partes aequales divide into equal parts
Dur. dolor. durante dolore while the pain lasts
FDA Food & Drug Administration
grad. gradatim gradually
gt gutta drops
h hora hour
hor. som. hora somni at bedtime
h.s. hora somni at bedtime
in d. in dies daily
m. misce mix
m. et n. mane et nocte morning and night
mg milligram
N.F. National Formulary
n.b. nota bene mark well
noct. maneq. noct maneque night and morning
NPO nulla per os nothing by mouth
o.d. omni die every day
oh omni hora every hour
ol oleum oil
om omni mane every morning
omn. hor. omni hora every hour
on omni nocte every night
os os mouth
oz. ounce
p.c. post cibum after meals
PDR Physicians Desk Reference
po per os by mouth
p.p.a. phiala prius agitata shake the bottle first
p.r.n. pro re nata as occasion arises
Q(q) quaque every
q.h. quaque hora every hour
q.l. quantum libet as much as desired
q.p. quantum placeat as much as you please
q.q.h. quaque quarta hora every four hours
qq. hor. quaque hora every hour
q.suff. quantum sufficit as much as suffices
q.s. quantum satis as much as suffices
quotid. quotidie daily
R/ recipe take
si op. sit si opus sit if necessary
solv. solve dissolve
st. stet, stent let it stand, let them stand
subq subcutaneous injection
sum. sume take
syr syrupus syrup
tab tablet
tal. talis such
ter i. d. ter in diem three times a day
ung ungentum ointment
U.S.P. United States Pharmacopeia
ut dict. ut dictum as directed
General Pharmacology Abbreviations