FCPS 2019 Past Questions Recall Collections with answers

FCPS 2019 Past Questions Recall Collections with answers

1.Internal spermatic fascia derived from==Fascia Transversalis

2.Fast pain fibers==A delta

3.Perforated gastric ulcer pain is transmitted by==Greater splanchnic nerve.

4.Zona glomerulosa produces==Aldosterone.

5.First line defense against microorganisms==skin.

6.Regulation of which of following is controlled by sympathetic instead of local metabolites=Skin.

7.80% saturated oxygen=Umbilical vein.


9.Drug causing Tachycardia in therapeutic doses==Pethidine.

10.In Biostatistics,universe is==Population.


12.Loss of motivation and depression==Frontal lobe.

13.Pregnant woman with elevated Lfts==GGT.

14.Man with elevated SGOT and alkaline phosphatase 1600==Extrahepatic cholestasis.

15.Female with obesity,hyperglycemia and highACTH levels,cause is==Primary overproduction of ACTH.

16.30% hematocrit in person is due to==cells that sickles at low oxygen tension.

17.Drug receptors are==Proteins in nature.

18.cells against tumor cells==NK Cells.

19.Landmark fo pudendal nerve block is==ischial spine.

20.Pt previously had mi,,now again had mi,  investigation needed==CK-MB.

21.Another scenario of mi,,asked about definitive inv for mi==serumTroponin I

22.Anterior surface of heart formed by==Right ventricle.

23.On Radiograph,right border of heart formed by==SVC.

24.PDA is derived from==left sixth arch.

25.Child died on autopsy aneurysm found==kawasaki ds.

26.ThromboxaneA2 stimulate==Platelet aggregation.

  1. Pt on twice weekly dialysis,,which factor determine for need for dialysis or transplant==Creatinine Clearance.

28.Insulin increases glucose entry into skeletal muscles.

29.In DKApt,,insulin given it will cause==inc pH.

30.Person awake with eyes closed,waves seen on EEG=Alpha waves.

31.H1 blockers common side effect==sedation.

32.which one is Histasmine blocker==cimetidine.

33.Sucralfate doesnt let cemitidine get absorbed.

34.Esophagogastric junction competence is maintained by==Metoclopramide.

35.Beta HCG preserves==corpus leteum.

36.Characteristic feature of Hemophilia==Tissue Bleeding.

37.Regarding potassium==k more intracellularly.

38.Repolarization==k efflux.

39.inc VMA==Pheochromocytoma.

40.Inc 5-HIAA==Carcinoid syndrome.

41.Primary oocyte completes meiosis1==just before ovulation.

42.Pt with sinking of heart and on ECG low T waves==Hypokalemia.

43.Pt with sinking of heart and on ECG peaked T waves==Hyperkalemia.

44.Specific granules are seen in==Promyelocytes.

45.Late sequelae of Measles==SSPE


47.Brochodilator act through cAMP==Salbutamol.

48.used in asthma,stemnot remember properly=Mast cell stabilizer.

49.Postop pt with greenish pus discharge=Pseudomonas.

50.Taenia soliumdrug==Niclosamide(Praziquantel wasnot in options.)

51.Branch of internal iliac artery within pelvis==Middle Rectal Artery.

52.Cerebellumconnected with midbrain by==Superior cerebellar Peduncle.

53.Pt with pain in wrist joint and hand and have morning stiffness==Rheumatoid Arthritis.

54.Dec conversion of 25-OH into 1,25-OH seen in==CRF.

55.Lyme disease caused by==Spirochete.

56.Low dose Heparin==inhibits factor 10a.

57.Postmenopausal lady on HRT,,S/E==Thromoembolism.

58.Thyphoid fever first week ix==Blood Culture.

59.GHsec inc by==Exercise.

60.GHsec dec by==Glucagon.

61.SAnode generate impulses at faster rate.

62.SAnode generates impulses at faster rate.

63.Confirmatory test for HIV==Western Blot.

64.Pt with platelets 1200*109==Myeloprolif ds???

65.Female with dysphagia to liquids only..bariumand

endoscopic studies normal,cause is==Neuromuscula incoordination.

66.Presence of food bolus in esophagus==Primary Peristalsis.

67.Definition of bronchopulmsegment.

68.S3 heart sound heard during==rapid filling of ventricles.

69.Diff betweenAnaphylactic and Hypovolemic shock is==inc Cardiac output.

70.Femoral Artery Palpated at==Midinguinal point.

71.Malignancy character==Pleomorphism.

72.Malignancy character==Metastasis.

73.Brain ischemia==Liquefactive Necrosis.

74.Brain ischemia==Liquefactive Necrosis.

75.Panchewing==Submucosal fibrosis.

76.Amoxicillin inhibits beta lactamase.

77.Bitemp Hemianopia==Optic chiasma.

78.HLAB5==Behcet disease.

79.Extension into pyramids==Renal columnbs.

80.Myasthenia gravis scenario.

81.Hypochromic Microcytic pic scenario.

82.Pt from Balochistan,history of sleeping on floor==Kala AZAR.

83.Submandibular gland surgery damages==Marginal Mandibular br of facial nerve.

84.Middle Meningeal Artery is direct br of==Maxillary Artery.

85.Drug contraindicated inHOCM==Digoxin.

86.Common PEnicillin allergy effect==skinRashes/bronchospasm??

87.Pt with runny nose,watery eyes,mediator responsible is==Histamine.

88.Nuclear Membrane is continued withRER.

89.Diabetic pt==Angiopathy with Neuropathy.

90.Woman 15kg overweight is on insulin,,what u advice her further==Biguanides(i marked)/excercise/Bigunaides with sulfonylureas.

91.Articular cartilage coveras ends of synovial joints.

92.Structure damaged in

Appendectomy==Iliohypogastric Nerve.

93.Pt with right hemiplegia,double vision on seeing

left,lesion of==Midbrain.

94.Hemiplegia with no sensory loss==Internal capsule.

95.Diabetes insipidus==dec urine osm.

96.Person with abdombloating and foul smelling stools,ix to do==Stool DR.

97.During LactationAmenorrhea is due to ==inhib of GnRH.

98.Damage to Lateral Hypothalamus==inhibits feeding.

99.Unmarried girl with abdominopelvic mass,ix==CA125.

100.CEAis done for==Colon ca.

101.Dangerous layer of scalp==Loose areolar tissue.

102.External fascia formed by==loose areolar tissue with adipose tissue.

103.2 year old child with low hb and high MCV==intrinsic factor antibodies.

104.fisherman on river side developed gumbleeding and ecchymoses due to def of==Vitamin C.


106.Hospitalized pt developed lung abcess due to==s.aureus.

107.Pap smear==Dysplasia.

108.Pt unable to open mouth==Lateral Pterygoid.

109.Instability of knee joint==Vastus Lateralis.

110.Edema in Liver Cirrhosis caused by==Hypoalbuminemia.

111.Child withHTNand Edema cause is==Albuminuria and salt retension.

112.itching in scabies is caused by==Hypersensitivity reaction.

113.After dehydration most concentrated urine found at==DCT/Collecting tubules.???

114.Bronchosope inserted into Right lung lobe,segment seen first is==Right inferior/Right middle.

115.Pt with Tibial fracture,later developed crepitus and foul smelling discharge==Toxemic Shock.

116.Pt with pulmedema,LVEDV inc,PCWP inc,BP

140/48,early diastolic murmur with wide pulse pressure==Aortic Regurgitation.

117+118==regarding adrenal medulla nerve supply from==Preganglionic symp greater splanchnic.

119.Pt went abroad,came back,developed fever,gen lymphadenopathy and macular rash,dx==AcuteHIV seroconversion.

120.Most common genetic ds==Multifactorial.

121.Syphillis==sample fromgenital sores.

122.One carbon transfer==Biotin.

123.In Late Fetus==Liver is 5% of body weight.

124.Thenar muscles spared,but there is wasting of all small muscles of hand==C8-T1 segment of cord.

125.Lesion of Pyramidal Tract==Motor function.

126.Definitive diagnosis of TB==AFB

127.Another PIC of TB,IX==ZNStaining.

128.Tongue Protrusion==Hypoglossal Nucleus.

129.Scenario of Hypovolemic shock.

130.Intra and Extra Pelvis Ligament==Round Ligament.

131.Bioavailability Of which inactivates liver metabolism==SL/IM.

132.Periodontal ligament of which type of collagen…==collagen type1.(net sources says 1,3,5).

133.Physiological shunt==v/q is zero.

134.Endobronchial intubation in child due to==small neck/large head/same level of bronchi.

135.Bernard solieur==Platelets not bind ristocetin.

136.Antifungal used in Nasal and Fungal infections is==Itraconazole.

137.Shipbuilder scenario==Malignant Mesothelioma.

138.Neonate withRDS due to==Collapse of small alveoli.

139.Which protein is deficient in CLD==Albumin.

140.Four main pillars of Medical

Ethics==Autonomy,Beneficience,NonMalefacience and Justice.

141.A Healthy individual is one==who eats,sleeps well and lead a disciplined life.

142.Erythropoietin sec inc at==HighAltitude.

143.Mucinous glands with some serous demilunes==Submandibular gland.

144.Effect of Hemorrhage on kidney==dec blood supply frommedulla to cortex per gramtissue.

145.Person with facial palsy with eyes spared,lesion at==Facial canal/supranuclear/stylomastoid foramen.???

146.Sex linked recessive ds==Ducchene Dystrophy.

147.Pt withAmbiguous genitalia and 46xx==CAH.

148.Perantage of water in cells==60-70%.

149.Pt withRTA,BP 80/40/dec GFR is due to==dec arterial BP.

150.Dead space is== conditioning of inspired air.

151.scenario of Lofgren syndrome.

152.Which of following inc Heart rate==Bain Bridge reflex/Barrorecep on decreasing bp.

153.Scenario of pt with 5cmopacity in left lower lung lobe,,cause is==Asbestos.

154.Floor of Lateral ventricle is formed by==anterior surface of corpus callosum/Genu of corpus callosum.???

155.Pt with Prolonged APTT,BT 6 min,,cause is==Intrinsicdefect.

156.Child with absent breath sounds on one side chest and hve portion of intestine in  thorax==Pleuroperitoneal

defect/Hiatal hernia.

157.50 year old pt with difficulty in accomodating for near vision.cause is==ciliary muscle contraction/reduced lens curvature?

158.Veins act as reservoirs becoz==they have high amount of blood in them.

159.S1 differs fromS2==High Frequency

160.Tears composition differ from plasma==tears have more amino acids.???

161.Intraembryonic part of Allantois==Urachal Cyst.

162.Type of study with risk factors==Case control study.

163.During Sympathectomy preserve==L1

164.BZDs MOA==potentiation of GABA.

165.Person is positive for HCV,Next ix to be done==PCR RNA.

166.GRAM NEGATIVE RODS,lactose fermenting,indol positive,cause UTI==E.COLI

167.Pt with Resting Tremors due to destruction of neurons of==Substasntia NIGRA.

168.Postsynap recep def==Myasthenia gravis.

169.Antidepressant safe in liver


170.Pink fluid in alveoli,no erythrocytes,leukocytes

there.cause is==obs by tumor/CHF/Viral infection.

171.Ca and P are regulated by==PTH.

172.Digoxin toxicity is inc with K losing diuretic.

173.Drug used for SVT==Verapamil.

174.In Primary Dehydration,ECF becomes==Isotonic.

175.Lung compliance dec with=bronchial obstruction.

176.144.Interventricular septumbloid supply==LCA/Lcx?

177.Pt with violaceous nodules on shins and lacy buccal

lesions,assosiated with==HCV/HPV/EBV?

178.Dorsal column med leminiscus lesion==loss of itch and tickle/loss of pain/loss of temp?

179.about klinefelter==one extra x chromosome.

180.deep of radial nerve injury.

181.HepB transmitted by==sexual contact.

182.ATT completed since two months,pt ESR moderatelyelevated,cause of moderately elevesr==Hypoproteinemia/MDR TB/Secondary bacterialinf/opp fungal infections?

183.Neuroscretory hormones fromhypothalamus arekept in==Pituicytes.

184..Person at sea level,scenario of ABGs given==Pthyperventilating/partially comp metabolic acidosis.

185.True about tb antibody==cell bound?/haveprotective role/attached with bacteria/transferrable to

other persons.?

FCPS 2019 Past Questions Recall Collections with answers

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