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100 last revision examination points for the Medical entrance exam

These are the 100 last revision examination points for the medical entrance exam preparation. They are useful for any MD/MS exam .

100 last revision examination points for the Medical entrance exam
100 last revision examination points for the Medical entrance exam

1-Antithyroid drugs in pregnancy..PTU
2-First week typhoid..BLOOD Culture
3-T.B—Caseous Necrosis(biopsy),IX-AFB
4-Diphyllobothrium latum -Vitamin B12 Dec
5-Aso titer….B-Hemolytic GROUP A-RF,PSGN
6-Pregnancy-Hepatitis E
7-EBV —related Malignancies
9-HPV- invasive Cervical Cancer
10-Wrist drop-radial nerve damage
11-Pinpoint pupil—opium poisoning
12-SLE—AntiDsDNA antibodies
13-Dry and wet gangrene-D.M
14-Malaria-Giemsa thick,thin Scan
15-AntiGBM -Good Pasteur SYNDROME
16-Non.Casous necrosis-Sarcoidosis
17-Dexamethasone suppression test-Cushing
18-ECG-First 6 hours BEST
19-AntiCCP- RA
20-Viral markers (one mcqsQuestion)
21-Acid base disturbance (Seqs +Mcqs)
22-CSF Interpretation (one Mcqs)
23-Lung Abscess – Staphylococcus
24-Black Water Fever-Falciparum
25-Pneumococcal meningitis-vancomycin
26-Gray Baby SYNDROME-Chloramphenicol
27-Redman SYNDROME-Vancomycin
28-Metformin-Lactic acidosis
29-Unaware hypoglycemia- B.Blockers
30- Org.Oh. Poisoning -Pralidoxime .altrntiv-atropine
31-Prinzmetal -CCBs
32-LITHIUM -Cause Seizures
33-Anaphylactic shock – Cause by antibiotics
34-Anaphylactic Shock TOC- Adrenaline
35-AntiT.B drugs (SEQS,MCQS)
36-FEV/FVC<80% Obstructive Lung disease
37-FEV/FVC> 80%Or equal Restrictive lung disease
38-CCF with AF- Digoxin
39-Pulmonary embolism -CT pulmonary Angiography
40-Benzodiazepines poisoning-Flumazenil
41-Opium Poisoning- Naloxone
42-Troponin I –Most specific- MI
43-Important in Reinfarction – CK.MB
44-TOC – Symptomatic Bradycardia- Atropine
45- TOC – (treatment of choice)- OF Motion sickness- scopolamine
44-TOC- mountain sickness- acetazolamide
46-MCC- Osteoporosis- Old age
47- Most common valve involvement .-Mitral
48- IOC- GN- Renal biopsy
49-Antimitochondrial Ab- Primary Hillary Cirrhosis
50-Celiac disease – anti tissue transglutaminase An
51-nephrotoxic- aminoglycosides
52-Atypical pneumonia- macrolides
53-heat stroke,heat exhaustion,heat losses mechanism
54-Rotavirus- Child gastroenteritis
55-saddle shape ST elevation -pericarditis
56-water deprivation TEST – D.I
57-Cohort and case control study
58-Pregnancy +HTN- methyldopa
59-Drug induced SLE- hydralazine
60-Anticoagulant +pregnancy- heparin
61-Antidiabetic + pregnancy- insulin
62-MMA Rupture – Epidural hematoma
63-Berry Aneurysm rupture- SAH
64-Worse headache of life – SAH
65- SAH- Nimodipine
66-Inferior frontal gyrus – Broca area
67- Superior temporal gyrus,- Werencke area
68-UMN & LMN lesion
69-DKA Seqs+ MCQS
70-Absence Seizures – Ethsuximide
71-Most common location appendix – retrocecal
72-SMA- Iliocolic artery -posterior cecal artery
– Appendicular artery –>appendix
73-DKA cause- Insulin deficiency
74-Carpel TUNNEL syndrome(seqs+Mcqs)
75-Basilic and cephalic VEIN COURSE
76-Venesection- Great Sapaneous vein
77-Testicular CA- Para aortic L.N enlargement
78-Hiccups-TOC- chlorpromazine
79-Most common Risk factor- IHD- HTN
80-MOST Worse Risk factor IHD- D.M
81-MCC of death–IHD
82-MC Anemia–in pregnancy- IDA
84-Turner syndrome- 45XO
85-Autosomal disorders- Hereditary spherocytosis,VWD,Huntington,
87-Transplant rejections
88-Hypersensitivity reactions
89-lung volumes &capacities
90-Coomb,s TEST positive- methyldopa
91-DOC- Enteric fever-Ciprofloxacin
92-Spina bifida ,spinal CANAL defects
93-DOC- RA Methotrexate
94-Bence Jones proteins – Multiple myeloma
95-VMA- Pheochromocytoma
96-Negri bodies Rabies
97-Sarcidosis – ACE + Inc Ca
98-Triangles of neck
99-Most posterior mass of mediastinum -Neuroblastoma
100-Relative bradycardia – Typhoid fever


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