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Curriculum Orthopedic Lectures by OTA

Orthopedic Slides
Core Curriculum Lectures by Orthopedic trauma association G01: Initial Assessment and Management of the Multiply Injured Patient G02: Assessment, Management and Decision Making in the Treatment of Polytrauma Patients with Head Injuries G03: Evaluation and Treatment of Vascular Injury G04: Compartment Syndrome G05: ARDS, Fat Embolism and Thromoembolic Disease in the Orthopaedic Trauma Patient G06: Fracture Classification G07: Biology of Bone Repair G08: Biomechanics of Fractures and Fixation (more…)

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Orthopedic Slides
Form and Function of Bone Bone Metabolism Pathophysiology of Osteoarthritis Arthritis Bone and Joint Infections and Tumours Common Hand and Foot Disorders  Cavus Foot Compartment Treatment of the Foot Diabetic Foot Hallus Valgus Hindfoot Trauma Osteochondritis Dissecans of the Ankle Tibialis Posterior Insufficiency Hand and Wrist Injuries [2] Keinboch's Disease RA Hand Cases RA Wrist Cases Wrist Biomechanics Carpal Instability Hip Biomechanics and Osteotomies Knee Biomechanics Knee Ligament Injuries Osteotomies About the Knee Critical Appraisal Cumulative Trauma Disorders Hemophilia