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IOM MBBS Entrance Exam Syllabus

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MBBS Entrance Exam Syllabus by IOM (Nepal) MBBS Entrance Exam Syllabus by IOM (Nepal) Format and syllabus for the MBBS ENtrance Exam by IOM is being listed as follows   BIOLOGY   Group (A) Botany   Introduction to biology 1.1Scope of biology, fields of biology, life processes 1.2Biomolecules (macromolecules & micromolecules) 1.3Taxonomy 1.3.1   Two kingdom and five kingdoms system of classification 1.3.2   Binomial/trinomial nomenclature 1.4.     Structure, types and economic importance of virus, bacteria and lichens   Biodiversity 2.1Structure and life cycle of Spirogyra, Nostoc, Marchantia, Dryopteris, Cycas and Pinus 2.2Floral diversity of Nepal 2.3Forest conservation 2.4      Types of forest of Nepal & their management   Morphology 3.1Di...