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Forensic Medicine important study Notes

Medical Study Notes
Most important forensic brief notes for exam. a study notes for the medical students Types of Hanging Typical-Knot at the occiput Atypical-Knot at any place other than occiput Complete-Fully suspended in air Partial-Feet touching the ground   Homicide Garroting- Ligature strangulation from behind Mugging- By holding neck in the bend of elbow Burking-Smothering+Traumatic asphyxia Force required to obstuct trachea-15kg Fresh water and salt water drowning Fresh water drowning-Hemodilution,hyponatremia,Hyperkalemia Salt water drowning-Pulmonary edema,hemoconcentration Hydrocution- No specific postmortem finding Water in sphenoidal air sinusĀ  is a very good sign in drowning. Rule of Hasse To find intrauterine age of fetus Upto 5 months square root of length After 5 months multiply by 5...