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Examination of umbilicus

Medical Study Notes
Look the shape and position of umbilicus. Describe the normal position of umbilicus : Umbilicus lies more or less in the midway between xiphlsternum and symphysis pubis Normally It is inverted and slightly retracted. The slit is circular, le. neither horizontal nor vertical (the slit is transverse in ascites, and vertical in the presence of ovarian cyst). Causes of inverted and everted umbilicus : Everted—Seen in any condition giving rise to increased intra-abdominal tension like ovarian cyst, pregnancy, hydramnios. severe gaseous distension etc. Inverted—Normally in health and in obesity. Slit of umbilicus Vertical slit is noted in - Ovarian tumor - Horizontal slit in  - Ascites Omphalolith – presence of inspissated desquamated epithelium and other debris Umbilicus is buried in...