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Online Application Form for Faculty Post Verification 2017–Tribhuvan University

Please read the instructions given below carefully before filling the online form: 1 Please make appropriate payment (as below) in the Himalayan Bank Ltd., Account No. 00200555570014 in the name of IOM Dean’s Office. Professor - NRS. 5000.00 Associate Professor - NRS. 3000.00 Lecturer - NRS. 2000.00 2 Applicant must deposit the respective application fees within the given time period only (i.e. in between 10th March 2017 to 13th April 2017) and must mentioned their name in ‘Deposited by:‘ field. Payment made before and after the given time period will not be accepted and the amount once paid will not be refunded. 3 To access the online application form, please register with your e-mail address and your password. After registering a copy of your Username and Password will sent to your mail ...