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Incentives for Health Professionals,

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PPE – Guidelines: Incentives for Health Professionals, This paper was commissioned by the health professions with the support of the Global Health Workforce Alliance to provide an overview of the use of incentives for health care professionals. It describes some of the different approaches taken and presents characteristics shared by effective incentive schemes. The paper also suggests some approaches to their development and implementation. Download the pdf of this white paper below   source :WMA WEBSITE
WHO and other Health Guidelines

WHO and other Health Guidelines

These are the list of guideline by WHO and other health related guidelines usful for medical persons and institution  on nepal earthquake Dead body management Management of Dead Bodies after Disasters: A field manual for first responders Disposal of dead bodies in emergency conditions pdf, 1.59Mb Water and sanitation WHO/WEDC Technical Notes on WASH in Emergencies WHO guidelines for drinking-water quality Household water treatment and safe storage pdf, 840kb Nutrition in emergencies Management of Nutrition in Major Emergencies Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergencies Maternal, child and reproductive health Manual for the health care of children in humanitarian emergencies Safe motherhood needs assessment Inter-agency field manual on reproductive health in humanitari...