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Embryological Develoment of Genital Structures Exam notes

Medical Study Notes
Embryological Development of Genital structures:-  1.Labia majors & scrotum- Genital swelling 2.L.minora & corpus of penis- Genital folds 3.Clitoris & Penis- Genital tubercle 4.Testes & Ovary- Genital ridge 5.Vaginal vestibule- Genital sinus 6.Germ cells- Yolk sac endoderm 7.vaginal upper 4/5th - mullerian duct 8.vaginal lower 1/5th- ur genital sinus 9.Appendix of testes- paramesonephric duct 10.Appendix of epididymis- wolfian duct 11.organ of rossenmuller-mesonephric duct 12.Epididymis & vas- mesonephric duct 13.trigone of bladder-wolfian duct 14. Urinary bladder- Uro-genital sinus 15.uterus/ falopian tube/ cervix- paramesonephric duct.