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The following Powerpoints are direct links collected from the website of : ¬†British journal of sports medicine Do click on the link for the downloading the powerpoint in your computer. Or Directly Right click and do save as   General Classification of Bones and Joint Muscles Head and face Anatomy of the Face Ear Eyeball Lower limb Anatomy of Nerve Injuries - Lower Limb Anterior Lateral and Posterior Compartments of Calf Anterior Cruciate Ligament Anterior Thigh Feet Flexor Compartment of Thigh Functional Anatomy of the Ankle Joint Complex Groin Hip Joint Knee Tibiofibular and Ankle Joint Complex Upper limb Anatomy of Nerve Injuries: Upper Limb Clinical Anatomy of the Elbow Clinical Anatomy of the Shoulder Superior and Inferior Radioulnar Joint Trunk Anterior Abdominal Muscles Clinical...