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Teenagers Depression Facts and Mental health

Teenagers depression facts and mental health are some of the major issues among teenagers.
Teenagers Depression Facts and Mental health
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Teenagers Depression and Mental health

In our society, mental health illness is a taboo, and teenagers are considered a bunch of kids with a hormone-induced adolescent rite of passage. Teen depression does not only mean sadness, moodiness, irritation but also a hormone-induced state that every human being undergoes. Depression is a severe illness that demands more attention than what is being given. Depression can affect an individual’s bodily health, relationships, confidence, creativity, and sense of self-worth.
From a recent statistic, it is indicated that about 20% of teenagers undergo teen depression.

Adolescence represents a crucial phase from childhood to adulthood where one develops all the social and emotional habits necessary for mental well-being. 

Mental illness does not discriminate against age or circumstance. As a teen one undergoes a lot of chances so to figure out that one is going through depression is rather difficult for young people than to adults. Moreover, teen depression can even result in distorting one’s life and causing a long-term problem.

Major signs of  teenager depression are:

1.Prolonged sadness or low mood:
Do you ever feel sad or not like doing things that once brought you joy? Things that once interest you no longer seem to cause the same effect in you? Do you sometimes be sad or cry for no specific reason at all? If this continues or a more prolonged period of time, then most likely you need to reach out to people and talk about your problems or how you feel.

2. Feeling irritable and finding others unbearable.
Although teenage is often stereotyped as a phase filled with mood swings and irritability due to hormonal changes but being irritable and finding others intolerant without any appropriate reason might not always be common for teenagers. Having short tempers and snapping at someone you love for no specific reason might be some things to consider. Although you might be having a rough day at school or with friends it is best to talk it out if you find your mood changing. It necessarily doesn’t have to be depression but talking about it will always help. As teenage is a very stressful age for everyone.

3. Feeling guilty and hopeless.
Feeling confused and worrying often is completely normal during teenage as one undergoes a whole bunch of physical and hormonal changes but if this persists for more than 2 weeks it might be more serious than what it actually appears to be. A person suffering from depression frequently feels like he’s life is going out of hand and feels helpless.

4.Staying isolated and withdrawing from people
It is completely normal If you feel like you’re losing connection with friends or family and start self-isolating yourself because you’re feeling low. Dealing with people can be quite tiring due to the emotional strain of acting like you normally should when you’re not feeling the best. But if you feel like you’re withdrawing people, even if it’s just a friend talking out to your teacher or a family member of a friend can really help.

5.Losing interests from your hobbies
The things that once interested you no longer seem to make you give the same sense of satisfaction or happiness like a sport you liked as a child no longer interests you or you no longer fell like painting or drawing or even contemplating dropping out from school. You don’t even watch your favorite movies or shows with much interest and feel like you just want to be left alone. These could be a sign that you’re depressed.

6. Feeling very low and self-conscious.
With the so-called ‘perfect’ body image, ‘perfect’ hair, ‘perfect’ beauty standards set by social media and the society obviously causes a lot of stress to teenagers. Wanting to have the exact same type of body or materialism is quite common for teenagers because you often feel like by doing so you can fit in, the society might accept you and acknowledge you better or the guy/girl you are having a crush on will start noticing you which often leads to very low self-esteem and causing self-harms if you don’t reach the set goals. I’ve seen teenagers starving to death just to lose some pounds although they were perfectly fine with how they were. So social media and society standards really highly influence one to feel low and self-conscious which leads to teen depression the majority of times.

Causes of Teenager depression

There are a whole bunch of things that cause teen depression. As a teenager one must undergo many physical and emotional changes. A bad parental relationship or failed parental relationship highly results in a child’s mental health and often leaves a lifetime imprint. The child will most likely have commitment issues. 
Teenage is like stepping into the real world. Perceiving reality and how actually life works.  Teenage often is filled with heartbreaks, failed relationships/friendships, rejections, betrayals from friends/family, peer pressure, difficulties in school, and stress about the future. It is like a roller coaster ride filled with emotions where one can end up feeling great at the end of the ride of completely sick which is completely fine.
Feeling low because of life not meeting your expectations, feeling like you’re not enough, feeling worthless and guilty because of all the events going in your life is what leads to depression.

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Teenage is a very traumatic and crucial period that shapes one into their future self. Parents are highly requested to understand their teenagers and talk to them as friends as much as possible so as to know how to help my teenager with depression and anxiety.

Teenagers who feel like they might be having depression or teenagers depression should seek help from someone that an be their teacher, friends, or family whoever they’re comfortable with and talk about whatever thing they’re going through or is depressing. Depression is a really dark place and often leads to self-harm. Teen suicidal rates have been increasing over the past years.

This might not seem to be as alarming but Teenagers Depression is real and there are thousands of teens undergoing it and need actual help. Whatever relation you hold to the person just help, before it’s too late, you might not get another chance.

Author-Yashaswi Shrestha





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