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Recent Advances In Nursing — Volume 24, Volume 23 , Volume 22

Volume 24


Theories and Models of Nursing and the Nursing Process

HA Chalmers. Recent Adv Nurs 24, 32-46.
In summary, nursing models can be evaluated by carefully considering how human beings are conceptualised within a model, how adequately the model guides nurses in the decision-making associated with all stages of the nursing process and how appropriate is the expected role of the nurse. Reference to …
Theoretical Thinking in Nursing: Problems and Prospects

HS Kim. Recent Adv Nurs 24, 106-122.
The foregoing exposition suggests a global approach to evaluate theoretical thinking in nursing. Several issues have come to light in examining the current status of nursing’s theoretical work within the proposed framework. In most of the theoretical pieces of work in nursing, major threads of theor …

Volume 23


Health Care of the Elderly in Egypt

FA Aly. Recent Adv Nurs 23, 1-12.
Elderly people are a vulnerable group and they should be recognised as a specific group for the purpose of health delivery services and health promotion. Health care services for the elderly need to be fully integrated with primary health care. Primary health care approaches should be directed to em …
Family Caregiving for the Elderly in Sweden

A Norberg et al. Recent Adv Nurs 23, 13-21.
Measures are being taken which will make it possible for relatives to become more involved in family caregiving. Public efforts are regarded as a complement to family caregiving. Health personnel have started to change their attitudes toward relatives and look at them as an important source for the …
Heritage Consistency: A Predictor of Health Beliefs and Practices

RE Spector. Recent Adv Nurs 23, 23-25.
The Heritage Assessment Tool, in combination with questions relating to health and illness beliefs and practices was helpful in helping informants remember events in their childhood and also in garnishing health and illness beliefs and practices. The richness of the data in respect to health beliefs …
The Hospitalized Elderly: A Nursing Perspective

EM de Simone. Recent Adv Nurs 23, 36-44.
The hospitalized elderly patient presents a complex challenge to the acute care nurse. The opportunity to improve the quality of life for the aged patient exists in every nurse-patient interaction. Through research, continued education and a commitment to professional values this challenge can be me …
Drug Therapy in Elderly Patients: Diagnosis of Drug-Related Problems

A Tesfa. Recent Adv Nurs 23, 45-52.
Given the multiple diseases and vulnerability of the elderly to develop adverse drug effects, it is incumbent on the nurse to monitor and critically evaluate the patient’s conditions. Attempts must be made to further develop and/or refine existing systematic process to delineate and prevent drug-rel …
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Volume 22


Recent advances in nursing

Hockey, Lisbeth
Cahoon, Margaret C (Margaret Cecelia)
Copp, Laurel Archer
NLM Title Abbreviation:
Recent Adv Nurs
ISO Abbreviation:
Recent Adv Nurs
Recent advances in nursing.
Other Title(s):
Publication Start Year:
Publication End Year:
Four no. a year
Country of Publication:
Edinburgh ; New York : Churchill Livingstone, 1981-[1990]
Latest Publisher:
Edinburgh : Churchill Livingstone
0144-6592 (Print)
0144-6592 (Linking)
MEDLINE: 22, 1988-27, 1990
PubMed: 22, 1988-27, 1990
International nursing index: 22, 1988-27, 1990
Current Indexing Status:
Not currently indexed for MEDLINE.
Version Indexed:
Broad Subject Term(s):
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Editors: Margaret C. Cahoon, Laurel Archer Copp, Lisbeth Hockey.
Other ID:
8011213 [Serial]

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