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Mnemonics, Physiology Mnemonics
Skin vasoconstriction and temperature When the skin needs to CONServe heat, the blood vessels of the skin CONStrict. When the skin is COld, the blood vessels of the skin COnstrict.   Vitamin D: site of conversion Vitamin D is made in the Dermis Fluid compartments: volumes 12345: 12 liters of interstitial fluid 3 liters plasma volume and 30 liters inside cells 45liters total body water (more…)

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Mnemonics, Physiology Mnemonics
Muscle spindle: origin of primary vs. secondary endings "1from 1, 2 from 2": Primary ending is from Group Ia. Secondary ending from Group II.   Neurotransmitters in Sleep "SAND" Serotonin (initiates sleep) Acetylcholine (ACh) Norepinephrine Dopamine (causes arousal from sleep, i.e., wakefulness))   Glucagon: actions ' LKG2' Lipolysis Ketogenesis Glycogenolysis Gluconeogenesis     Pituitary hormones FLAGTOP: Follicle stimulating hormone Lutinizing hormone Adrenocorticotropin hormone Growth hormone Thyroid stimulating hormone Oxytocin Prolactin Alternatively: GOAT FLAP with the second 'A' for Anti-diruetic homone/vasopressin · Note: there is also melanocyte secreting homone and Lipotropin, but they are not well understood.     Adrenal cortex layers and products ...