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Monday, July 8, 2024
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Hearing Loss. Save

Hearing is a gift.hearing is the ability to be able to listen to the external sounds.

Hearing loss

or hearing impairment is the reduced ability to listen to external sounds. Hearing loss sets in particularly as the age of the person increases. The hearing loss here is the hearing loss due to aging.

But not all people have hearing loss or hiring impairment as time goes by or when they become old.but even infants, children or teenagers can develop this condition where there is partial or complete hearing loss.

Now that we know what hearing loss or hearing impairment is, let’s dive deeper into this subject.

In today’s technologically advanced days, most of us use headphones or earphones to avoid external sounds.People walking or going to the office use this. And this can have dire consequences on the hearing ability of that particular person. He or she might have partial or full hearing impairment.

Besides headphones or earphones, people working at a factory or where is lots of loud sounds.people are more prone to hearing loss.

We use decibels to know how loud a particular sound is.

The degree of hearing loss can vary from low to severe.

The main point to note here is that loud noise above a particular decibel over a long period of time can cause mild to severe or even permanent hearing loss.

Some of the symptoms of hearing loss are as follows:

People with some form of hearing loss have a hard time hearing the consonants.

Similarly, people with hearing loss also tend to avoid conversation with other people.

People also tend to increase the volume of the radio or television because they cannot hear low decibels sound properly

In a noisy setting, the hearing impaired person finds it difficult to understand what the other person is trying to say.

Some can even experience ringing sound in the ear.which is medically called Tinnitus.

Some can even not figure out the direction from where the particular sound has origin 

Here are some facts that are related to loss of hearing

Hearing loss can vary from person to person.some can have slight, mild or severe herring loss and this process is usually gradual.

Some infants are born without the ability to hear as soon as they are born. Hearing loss and aging are like the two sides of the same coin. Usually, hearing impairment is directly related to old age and elderly people tend to have some form of hearing loss.

People who have a tendency to listen to audio with headphones or ear phones with high volumes  are more likely to experience hearing loss.

Hearing Loss. Save
Save your ear

People who also work in a environment where there is loud noise tend to suffer from hearing impairment,

People who are in a war field where there are loud explosions and gunfire also seem to develop some form of hearing loss.

Another point to note here is that hearing impairment is not just caused bye loud can be directly related to the following conditions such as heart disease, infections caused by some form of bacteria and not to mention stroke among few.

Those with severe case can permanently lose their ability to hear things while people with low can take measures to not further defoliate their condition.

We can take a test at a doctor’s office for the amount of hearing loss that has occurred and take the treatment as required.

  People can use hearing aids to help them listen and understand what the other person is saying or talking.

So that we now know what is hearing loss and what causes it in the first place.let us now discuss what are the treatment options for this condition.

The primary solution is a hearing aid.which mostly elderly people is.a small device attached to the ear that can enable the person to hear properly. Many old aged people use this device.

Second, another solution to hearing impairment is cochlear implant. In cochlear implant unlike hearing aid it helps in directly stimulating  the auditory nerve. This can also help with properly understanding what the other person is saying and be able to absorb the sounds and understand them.

Another popular technique is the bone-anchored hearing system. This is a device that is inserted in the ear but requires surgery by a doctor who is known as an audiologist.

To avoid any degree of hearing loss there are some measures to be taken. People should limit the usage of headphones or earphones as much as possible.

 The volume of the sound should be minimum or at an average level

Besides headphones or earphone there should be proper management of the sound at factory where high decibels sound are heated.the administration should provide the measures that can be taken in such noisy environment,

So, finally, people should not neglect their hearing ability as it can deteriorate with time or due to headphones usage or loud environments. People should regularly get their ears and hearing ability checked and this will ensure the level of hearing loss that has occurred and the measures can be taken as per the requirement.

Even though hearing loss is a common condition with many people around the world, it doesn’t mean that you will need to live the rest of the life as a hearing impaired person. First and foremost the tip I can give you is to limit the time you use while listening to loud music or sounds. And try to minimize the volume. This is a condition of noise induced hearing loss.secondly, limit the time in a noisy environment.

And even if you still are prone to hearing impairment then you can consult a professional who can help and guide you through this process. Hearing is a gift and you can have it only if you take the proper measures in preventing it. And even if you experience hearing impairment by some means then there are various options like hearing aids and other devices which can help you overcome this condition called hearing impairment.

So it’s all up to you. Do you want to live the rest of your life with hearing loss and deal with the consequences or do you want to live a life where you can properly listen to what others are saying and not find it difficult to hear others’ words? 

Good luck 


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