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Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Things We Should Not Do Right After Eating Meals — What Expert Says

Things We Should Not Do Right After Eating Meals

All may not know that we should not do certain activities right after eating meals. Our health gets
adverse effect when we do those activities after eating meals, so we should avoid such activities for the
sake of better health.

1. Smoking:

Needless to say that smoking damages our health. Smoking affects the irritation of
intestine causing to have irritable bowel syndrome and even ulcerative colitis. Nicotine binds
with oxygen in the blood and easily gets absorbed through blood. Smoking right after meals is
considered to be so severely injurious that one cigarette can harm as bad as 10 cigarettes at
once can. The study also warns that smoking right after meals enhance the risk of developing
bowel and lungs cancer. So, not only smoking after meals but smoking itself is never

2. Brushing Teeth:

We all brush our teeth after our meal for our good dental hygiene, but it is not
recommended to brush immediately after eating meal because this activity can actually damage
the teeth. Our teeth are protected with the enamel in it. The enamel is the hardest substance
in our body. Acids created by the foods we eat can wear away such protective enamel by
making the enamel weak. When we brush right after meals, such weakened enamel gets highly
damaged. However, it is highly recommended that we brush our teeth only 30 minutes after
the meals.

3. Eating Fruits:

Fresh fruits are the excellent foods for the good health but it may be a bad idea to
consume the fruits after meals. When we eat fruits after a meal, they stay in stomach a longer
time along with the foods instead of passing into intestines where they get absorbed. They
combine with the foods in stomach and begin to decompose producing gas.

4. Going for Walking:

It is said that walking immediately after a meal is good for health but all will
wonder to know that it is actually a bad thing as it will adverse your digestion resulting in acid
reflux and indigestion. However, walking about 30 minutes after eating is still considered to be

5. Drinking Tea:

It is still a debate whether it is good or bad drinking tea after a meal. The study
suggests that the phenolic compound that is found in tea can prevent our body to absorb the
iron. So, drinking after meals is one of bad things.

6. Sleeping:

Though sleeping is the most essential part of our life, sleeping right after meal is not

never sleep after meal medicospace
never sleep after meal medicospace

healthy. When you sleep or lie down after eating, the digestive juice can travel up to throat and
mouth through the esophagus, making you feel heartburn. Sleeping right after eating can also
aide to rise up the sugar level in blood and eventually lead to cardiac disease.

7. Taking Shower:

Taking shower right after meals is not a recommended activity to do. When we
start taking shower after meals, the bloods begin to rush to the skin in order to regulate the
body temperature, which creates the adverse effect on the digestion. So, we should wait half an
hour after meal if we need to take a shower.

8. Drinking Cold Water:

Drinking water is an essential thing to do but drinking cold water may not
be a suggestive thing in some case. Even drinking cold water after meals is highly not suggested
as the cold water can lead to poor digestion and eventually constipation.

9. Running:

Running after having a full tummy can lead to cramping and problem in digestion.
Even one can feel sluggish when running. So, running after meal is also not recommended.

10. Exercising or Heading to the Gym:

Though these activities are benefic for good health but right
after eating is not a good idea. When we eat heavy meals, the foods should be digested. If we
start exercising right after meal, the digestion gets disrupted leading to have vomiting, stomach
puffiness and even diarrhea. So, it will only be good idea to exercise if we wait a few hours after


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