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Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Nepal : NMC Part -2

During each five -year licensing cycle, you must earn a minimum of 100 credit points. If you are a Medical Practitioner then 30 credit points of which must be earned from Mandatory Verifiable CPD section and rest from Professional Verifiable CPD section, however if you are a dental practitioner then you have to earn 40 credit points from Mandatory Verifiable section and rest from Professional verifiable section.
It is because most of the dental practice setups are outside the hospital setting where medical emergency backup many not be available, hence extra mandatory module of 10 credit points “Medical emergencies in dental practice and practice management” is added.
All required CPD credits must be earned during the practitioner’s five-year license renewal cycle. All licenses are renewed on the Practitioners birth date every five years. (Renewal dates are set forth on practitioner\’s wallet-size registration cards). It is not necessary to earn a specified number of CPD credits during each year of the five- year cycle, or during any calendar year, so long as the full CPD requirement is met during the five – year license renewal period.
No. A total of 100 CPD credits must be earned during each five-year license renewal cycle. Practitioners who do not have the necessary credits during a given cycle may apply for a waiver or an inactive status.

The CPD activities have been divided into three sections: a. Mandatory Verifiable CPD; b. Professional Verifiable CPD; and c. Non-Verifiable CPDClick to see in part- 3


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